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All the Trello keyboard shortcuts you need to know to streamline your work

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Trello is a web-based list-making app, created by Fog Creek Software in 2011, which is used by teams in small and medium businesses to streamline their work by displaying and checking tasks online using Trello boards.

In this article, we will list all the keyboard shortcuts for Trello on Windows, Linux and Mac.

This is an extensive list of Trello keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you’re looking for a specific keyboard shortcut, consider looking for it via the Ctrl+F browser shortcut to find in a page. If you’re using a mobile browser, click on the ‘triple-dot’ menu and tap on Find in Page.

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General keyboard shortcuts in Trello

Trello Keyboard ShortcutDescription
Up arrow button or KTo move cards up
Down arrow button or JTo move cards down
Left arrow buttonTo move cards left
Right arrow buttonTo move cards right
BTo open the board menu in the header
/Put the cursor in the search box
CTo archive card
DTo open Due date picker
– (dash)To add a checklist to a card
ETo open quick edit mode
EscTo close Editing/Menu
Ctrl (CMD) + EnterTo save text
FTo open the card filter menu
LTo open available labels
MTo add or remove members
NTo insert new cards
, (comma for the list to the left) and . (full-stop for the list to the right)To move the card to the bottom of the adjacent list
< (for the list to the left) and > (for the list to the right)To move the card to the top of the adjacent list
QTo open card filters
STo watch or unwatch a card
Space barTo assign yourself to a card
TTo edit the title of the card
VTo add a vote on a card
WTo open or close board menu
XTo clear all active card filters
?To open the Shortcuts page
@(member’s name)To add a member’s name in the comment
# + label title + EnterTo add an existing label to a new card
^ + list name + top/bottomTo select a position for a new card in an existing list
Ctrl (Cmd) + CTo copy card
Ctrl (Cmd) + XTo move a card:
Ctrl (Cmd) + VTo paste a card

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