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20 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you should know

Keyboard shortcuts are the keys or the combination of keys to make your work easier by giving you an alternate, easier and faster way to do something that you will do by opening some menu by your mouse. If you’re a regular Windows PC user, these keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 will undoubtedly help you make the most of your time while navigating around the OS.

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Common keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl + C: To copy any selected document to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + X: To cut any selected document to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V: To paste any document in the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + A: To select all the items in the current window.
  • F11: To maximize the window.
  • Windows + A: To open the Action Center.
  • Windows + I: To open the windows settings.
  • Windows + S: To open the Cortana.
  • Windows + C: To open Cortana in voice mode.

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Multi-window shortcuts

  • Windows + Left: To switch the current window to the left side of the screen.
  • Windows + Right: To switch the current window to the right side of the screen.
  • Windows + Up: To switch the current window to the top of the screen and double-tap will maximize the window.
  • Windows + Down: To switch the window to the bottom of the screen and double-tap will minimize the window.

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Task View shortcuts

  • Windows + Tab: To open the task view. All active windows will appear.
  • Alt + Tab: To switch between open windows on the PC
  • Ctrl + Alt + Tab: Unlike Alt + Tab, you don’t have to hold any key to switch between the windows.

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New virtual Desktop shortcuts

  • Windows + Ctrl + D: Create new virtual desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + F4: To close the current desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Left: To switch to the left virtual desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Right: To switch to the right virtual desktop.

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