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Twitter is killing ‘Moment’ for apps on October 23: How to create a Moment via PC

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Twitter is killing 'Moments' on October 23: How to create a Moment via PC

Twitter has announced that it’ll be shutting down the ability to create ‘Moments’ from the Android and iOS app starting October 23, 2018.

Moment feature let users curate together a number of tweets to create a kind of a story.

In a tweet from their support handle, the company said, “On October 23, we’re removing the ability to create Moments on the Twitter for iOS or Android apps. When features aren’t used as often, we’ll remove them, so we can focus on building other products you’ll love.”

However, users will still be able to create Moment on Twitter via a desktop and those using Twitter on Android or iOS will be able to view them but not indulge in creating one directly from the app.

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How to create a Moment via PC?

Twitter Moments can be created via the Moments tab that’s available on your profile page, or directly through a tweet that you want to add in the Moment.

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You’ll need to enter a title, description and select tweets that you wish to be included in the Moment, followed by a cover image.

How to create a Moment from Moments tab

  • From the Moments tab, click the Create new Moment button.
  • Click the Title your Moment field to give your Moment a name.
  • Click the Add a description field to type in a description for your Moment.
  • Choose Tweets to add to your Moment from the Add Tweets to your Moment section at the bottom of the page. You can select from Tweets I’ve liked, Tweets by account, Tweet link and Tweet search.
  • Click Set cover to choose a cover image from one of your selected Tweets, or to upload an image from your computer.

Following this you can edit the position of the tweets, delete a tweet using the ‘x’ button, crop a tweet, save your Moment as a draft using the Finish later button and click on Publish once you’re ready.

How to create a Moment from a tweet

  • Click the ‘↓’ drop-down icon beside the tweet.
  • Select New Moment to add the tweet. If you have drafter or complete a Moment, they’ll also be listed here.
  • Follow the steps as mentioned above under ‘How to create a Moment from Moments tab’.

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