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Twitter announces visual overhaul; unveils new typeface

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Twitter announced a visual overhaul to its design to represent the brand as complex and intentionally imperfect. The microblogging site also announced a new, proprietary typeface — Chirp.

Partnering with the french brand Atelier IRRADIÉ, the platform is working on an intentionally disjointed design, mixing paint, photos, torn posters, words, images and any other creative and aesthetic elements in new ways. The announcement also included a new proprietary typeface for the platform. 

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The bird chirps in a new voice now

The iconic Twitter bird isn’t going to change at all. All these changes are entirely aesthetic. Twitter will continue functioning as it does. The only difference will be that users will now be able to see this new design through videos, posters, GIFs, banners and even Powerpoint presentations.

The reason for the partnership with Atelier IRRADIÉ instead of a more prominent, more well-known brand as per Donna Lamar, Global ECD for Twitter, is that ” they had a global perspective, a portfolio of fashion and beauty, and a design aesthetic that we knew was right for what we wanted to do. They were great partners and captured the attitude, vibe, and energy of Twitter.”

As far as the new typeface is concerned, the platform worked with Grilli Type Foundry to create its new typeface, which could strike a balance between “messy and sharp to amplify the fun and irreverence of a Tweet, but can also carry the weight of seriousness when needed.”

The typeface is a combination of the American Gothic and European Grotesque styles, with specific handmade quirks of early woodcut specimens added. The company is also in the process of expanding the typeface to languages beyon the Latin alphabet.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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