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Twitter search results will now show stock and crypto prices

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Amidst all the chaos at Twitter, the company has now released a new feature integrating cryptocurrency and stock prices into its search results using a plug-in from TradingView, an online charting platform.

These prices can be accessed by searching what the platform calls $Cashtags and allow users to type crypto or stock tickets into the search bar to generate a current value and price chart. 

To use the feature, users must type whatever stock or crypto ticker they want to look up, preceded by the dollar ($) symbol, and Twitter will display all relevant stock and pricing information. This works without adding the dollar symbol as well, but the results aren’t as consistent. 

Once the query is run, users will get a static image displaying the present-day stick price and a chart without much information on the X or Y axis, which reportedly shows the most recent closing price for a particular stock. A link to view the stock or cryptocurrency on the trading platform Robinhood will also appear.

It’s unclear at the moment whether Twitter is officially entering any commercial partnership with either TradingView or Robinhood. It also did not specify what symbols would be included in the list for direct stock price results. 

That said, the company did add that the user experience will be refined in the coming weeks with better symbol compatibility and wider stock recognition, among other things. 

This isn’t the first time Twitter has experimented with crypto, either. It tried adding a tipping feature back in September 2021 that allowed users to receive tips via third-party payment channels. 

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