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X users can now see replies from those who blocked them

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Social media platform X has revised its blocking functionality by allowing blocked users to view replies from those who have blocked them.

Previously, X’s block function allowed users to block others while still being able to reply to their posts without the blocked individual being aware of this interaction. This asymmetric visibility is not being revised. Users who have been blocked will now have the ability to view direct replies from those who have blocked them, addressing concerns about transparency and communication with

The X engineering team justifies this update as a step toward reinforcing the platform’s commitment to public discourse and interaction.

X’s engineering post also teases further modifications to the block feature, which remains one of the platform’s key safety tools. The overarching goal, as stated by the company, is to balance user control with the public nature of posts.

The changes to the block feature are not radical, but they do mark a considerable shift in the platform’s vision. Some users have welcomed the change, eager for more insight into the dialogue about them. However, others are not so pleased about this latest endeavour.

The feature could prove essential to identifying and rooting out unsafe content from the platform. This development could be the harbinger of more significant alterations to user privacy and control of X reflecting a broader conversation about the nature of social media interactions in the modern age.

Musk’s previous statements criticise the logic behind a public block feature and suggested its removal, except in private messaging scenarios. However, the feature still lives on, albeit tweaked for now.

As per Engadget, the implications of this update are twofold. On one hand, it empowers users with greater awareness of the conversations surrounding their content, potentially reducing the ‘echo chamber’ effect. On the other hand, it raises concerns about user privacy and the ability to disengage from unwanted interactions.

In 2024, X brought several changes to the platform. For example, last month, X expanded passkey login to iOS users globally. Also, X expanded the Community Notes feature to India ahead of national elections.

In March, X expanded Communities to include X-rated content groups. Furthermore, at the start of the year, X brought video and audio call functionality to Android.

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