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Twitter’s new API access tiers include limited free access for bots

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Twitter has announced an update to its API access structure, introducing new tiers after delaying the move for weeks. The new API access tiers consist of three levels — Free, Basic and Enterprise — as the older tiers Standard, Essential and Elevated access will be deprecated.

The free tier is aimed at developers who are starting or experimenting with projects, as well as for small-scale applications and bots. The Basic plan is designed for small and medium-sized businesses or applications with growing needs and traffic, offering more extensive API access and features for a monthly fee of $100. The Enterprise plan targets large-scale businesses, enterprises, and high-traffic applications, providing the most comprehensive API access and features at a higher monthly fee.

For write-only use cases and testing the Twitter APIFor hobbyists or prototypesFor businesses and scaled commercial projects
Rate limited access to v2 tweet posting and media upload endpointsRate limited access to a suite of v2 endpointsCommercial-level access that meets your and your customer’s specific needs
1500 tweets per month – posting limit at the app level3000 tweets per month – posting limit at the user levelManaged services by a dedicated account team
1 app ID50000 tweets per month – posting limit at the app levelComplete streams: replay, engagement metrics, backfill, and more features
Login with Twitter10000 tweets per month – read=limit rate capCost: Monthly subscription tiers
Cost: Free2 app IDs
Login with Twitter
Cost: $100 per month
Source: Twitter

Approved Twitter API developers can also continue to use Ads API free, including on the free tier.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team