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Uber X vs Uber Comfort: Quick Comparison

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Nowadays, getting around town has become more accessible and convenient with ridesharing services like Uber. With different types of rides, knowing which one suits your needs is essential. UberX and Uber Comfort are two popular options, each offering a unique experience.

This article discusses what is Uber X and Uber Comfort, how to select different rides and the difference between Uber X and Comfort.

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What is Uber X?

UberX is a regular Uber service that can carry up to four passengers. It is the most common type of Uber ride and is usually cheaper than other options. In most cities, UberX cars must be relatively new (15 years old or less) and pass a safety inspection that checks important things like brakes, tires, and overall condition.

UberX cars are typically sedans like Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Mazda3, Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, and similar models. The drivers of UberX are not professional chauffeurs, so they don’t need a special commercial license. However, some UberX drivers may have one.

To be an UberX driver, you must be at least 21 years old and pass both a driving record check and a background check. These requirements help ensure passenger safety and a reliable ride experience. Click here to learn more about Uber X.

What is Uber Comfort?

Uber Comfort vehicles offer extra space for passengers, providing more headroom and legroom than regular UberX cars. Uber Comfort is a great option when you want more room for yourself and your belongings but don’t need a large minivan or SUV.

Full-size sedans and SUVs are eligible to be Uber Comfort vehicles, and in most areas, these vehicles need to be newer models. Additionally, there is a special edition called Uber Comfort Electric, specifically designed for electric cars. Opting for Uber Comfort Electric costs a little more than a regular Uber Comfort ride, but it allows you to enjoy the comfort while supporting environmentally-friendly transportation. Click here to learn more about Uber Comfort.

How to select different rides?

When you choose your destination, Uber presents you with the ride types available in the area and the price each ride type will cost you.

  • Enter your pick-up point and then choose your destination in the Uber app.
  • Uber will present different ride options, scroll and choose the ride you want and then confirm your ride.

Uber X vs Uber Comfort

Uber XUber Comfort
Relatively more affordable – lower fareRelatively more pricey – higher fare
Less legroom and customisabilityMore legroom and customisability
Shorter wait timeLonger wait time
Less time to cancel a ride; cancellation charges applicableMore time to cancel a ride without any cancellation charges

UberX and Uber Comfort’s biggest differences are the options available to riders and the types of cars used. With Uber Comfort, passengers have more control over their comfort. They can adjust the temperature and choose how much conversation they want during the ride. Additionally, Uber Comfort offers newer and more spacious vehicles for a more comfortable experience.

UberX also provides private rides, but the requirements for drivers are not as strict as those for Uber Comfort. In simple terms, while UberX is affordable, you might give up some comfort and legroom compared to Uber Comfort.

Price difference

Uber X

An UberX ride can vary between $10 and $20, depending on where you are and where you’re going. UberX is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and need a quick ride because the availability of these vehicles is high, and there are fewer restrictions on them.

However, with UberX, there are time limits before a ride is cancelled or extra fees are charged. You also have a shorter window to cancel your ride without any charges.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a relatively new service offering the same standard trip with a 20% to 30% higher fare, providing more comfort. For an additional cost of around $10, riders get more legroom in the back, which is beneficial for taller people who often find regular UberX cars too small.

The wait time for Uber Comfort rides is slightly longer. Drivers are paid to wait, and riders have more time to prepare for their trip.

Furthermore, Uber Comfort riders have more time to cancel their ride without penalties or fees. When riders pay extra, they expect a better experience, so there are noticeable differences between the two options.

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