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The Ultimate Guide On Unauthorized Access And How To Deal With It

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In the digital age, data protection is one of the most important aspects of cybersecurity. It looks simple at first glance, but pinpointing what constitutes unauthorized data access and dealing with it requires knowing a thing or two.

What is Unauthorized Access and How It Can Damage Your Business? 

Sharing confidential data with its personnel is a common practice for any company. But, such data can easily damage your business if it falls into wrong hands. It is known as unauthorized access — whenever an external party gets access to data, applications, devices, or networks without permission.

Such cases may lead to issues like the disclosure of sensitive materials, which may include the financial and personal information of the company’s clients. If the external party accessed your company’s network, all regular operations can be stalled.

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How to Prevent Unauthorized Access? 

Given the risk of unauthorized access, you can see that keeping the data secure is highly important. There are five main practices that help control the accessibility of confidential materials. 

Secure Passwords

To avoid an unauthorized cybersecurity access, enhance the password policy. Make the company’s network users create strong passwords that will include special symbols, high and lowercase letters, and numerics.

Multi-Factor Authentication

There is a possibility to reinforce security via multi-factor authentication. Users can link their accounts to their phones, so not only the password is required to get access to the account. 

Physical Security Practices

Sometimes forgetting to lock the screen of your computer can lead to unauthorized management. That’s why your company should implement strict rules about locking their screens when they are away, and not keep passwords written down on the paper. 

User Activity Control

Another way of keeping everything secured is monitoring user activity. Keeping an eye on login activities and applying behavioural analytics can easily help with data security. When you monitor what happens with the accounts, you can easily notice suspicious behaviour that may include users logging in at an unusual time or to systems they don’t have access to. 

Endpoint Protection

Access to sensitive information doesn’t always happen by breaching the security network of your company. Quite often, the endpoints are attacked. The first step of the endpoint protection is installing an antivirus. But, aside from that, you can utilize Endpoint Detection and Response, which provides defensive measures. 

Manage The Risk of Unauthorized Access With SpinOne

Great risk for your business comes in the form of unmanaged SaaS applications. Most businesses rely on the remote force, which you can manage and collaborate with via software as a service. 

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