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How to uninstall Tor browser?

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The Tor browser is one of the most secure browsers you can use to roam around the internet. Moreover, Tor is also one of your only options if you’re looking to browse the dark web. 

However, it isn’t as advanced as other popular browsers like Chrome and Edge and cuts out a lot of things in the name of privacy. Because of that, the browser isn’t for everyone. If you’ve tried Tor and have had your fill of it, here’s how you can delete the browser from your PC. 

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Deleting Tor from Windows and Linux

If you’re using Tor on a Windows or Linux machine, deleting the browser is as simple as deleting the Tor browser folder (located on the desktop by default) and then emptying your recycle bin or trash. 

Do keep in mind that folder names for where the browser is located might be different for Windows and Linux. On Windows, the default name is Tor Browser and on Linux, the default is something like tor-browser_en-US if you’re using the English version. If you’re using some other version, the folder will be named accordingly. You can just delete the folder and Tor will be removed from your PC. 

Deleting Tor from macOS

If you’re using Tor on your macOS machine, deleting is still pretty much the same, except there’s an additional step involved. All you have to do is first delete the Tor browser folder, located by default in the Applications folder. 

Once you’re done, you need to delete the TorBrowser-Data folder from /Library/Application Support/ and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that if you didn’t install Tor in the default location, the data folder will be in the same folder where you installed the browser. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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