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7 Unique cases you can buy for your smartphone

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Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphone

With the latest trend of flagship smartphones being glass sandwiches everyone out there wants to protect their smartphones from any form of damage to that extent, people put their phones in cases from the moment they buy them. But cases usually add unwanted bulk to your device, but they do save your devices, if you want to know more about your option in the case market, you have come to the right place.

Here are seven unique cases that you should check out if you are in the market for one and want something more than just the traditional protective case.

Moment Photo Case

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneThe Moment Photo Case is one of the most attractive cases out there on the market with a build made using wood. It offers a rigid feel in your hand and is the kind that would do the job of keeping your phone safe.

But that is not the highlight of its feature set. The case offers a unique housing where you would typically find your phone’s camera lens, where users can attach lens modules which can be purchased separately to add unique effects to their images(a macro module would allow you to take pictures that would be unusually close to the object).

The cases are available for a variety of flagship smartphones out there, some of them being iPhones and smartphones from OnePlus. You can check the starter kit for the case over here.

dBrand Grip

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphonedBrand, a company popular among tech fanatics because of their precise and high-quality skins joined in the case manufacturing business a few years ago when they introduced what is now known as the dBrand Grip.

dBrand has engineered the case to not only protect devices from falls but also provide a flair of customisation to consumer devices. dBrand claims that their exclusive ‘grippy material’ and ‘springy polymer’ buttons offer an unmatched experience. The trademarked Crescent Arc design that the case uses lowers the raised edges of the case to allow for a thin-feel and easy access in hand while matching military-grade standards for face-down impact protection.

The reason the case has made it onto this list is because of its ability to utilise all the skins that dBrand offers on their site. The case comes with a back which has space designed for applying a custom skin, allowing for a different look at it and when the user desires. The only drawback being the limited number of devices that the case is available for, you can check out their site here for more info.

Rhinoshield Mod NX

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneWe want to put this out of the way for all Android users out there, and this case is only available for iPhones as of now. The Rhinoshield Mod NX is unlike any case that you have seen before, everything about this case is unique because you choose how it looks, from its buttons, it’s railing to its back as the consumer selects everything.

The case also makes use of their proprietary ShockSpread technology, so protection for your device is definitely guaranteed. Rhinoshield also offers Moment like lens modules, but the ones from Moment seem better done.

You can check out Rhinoshield’s site for the Mod NX here.

InkCase for iPhone

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneThis case by Oaxis is one that implements an e-ink display in the back of the case which differentiates it from almost all the offerings out in the market. The case allows the user to display photos on it or use it to read e-Books or news articles, but the most useful features of it are the ones that will enable you to see a to-do list and help take selfies.

The InkCase also includes an in-built battery and has support for wireless connectivity too. The case also claims to be resistant to drops and is waterproof. The one drawback of the case is that if your iPhone supports wireless charging, you will no longer be able to use it, you can check out their site here and also view their other case options which use an e-ink display.

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Otterbox Defender Series

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneIf you have been buying flagship smartphones for a while now and always put a case on them, you are bound to have heard about Otterbox. This is a case manufacturer which is known to make products that are as rugged as they can get. The Defender Series is the bulkiest case that Otterbox offers.

You may be wondering as to why this case is on the list because there are other bulky case options available out in the market, but what most of them do not offer is an all in one solution like an in-built screen protector and a multi-layer system that provides all-around protection.

The Defender uses a three-layer system made of a sturdy glass shield for the display, a foam-lined layer in the middle to deflect shocks and outer slipcover to block dirt and grime from getting into your phone. Another feature that this case can boast of is its modularity in the sense that you can attach a removable holster which can function as a belt clip or a kickstand. You can check out the Defender Series here.

Tech21 Protective cases

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneTech21 made it to the front of the smartphone case world when they introduced their Impactology lineup which comprised of example cases using D30, a unique material known for its property of hardening upon impact.

Their cases are now more unique than ever before because of a new and improved material that they call FlexShock, which is built to perform actions similar to the previously used D30. An antimicrobial coating is also present on the cases to keep the cases clean from bacteria. They also have a material called BulletShield, which is clear instead of being coloured and lets the user show off the original look of their device.

The company also has a collaboration with Liberty London, which offers unique and exclusive devices with the case. You can check their site over here.

Mophie juice pack

Seven unique cases you can buy for your smartphoneComing to the last case on this list we have the Mophie juice pack which is available for most iPhone models and the flagship Galaxy line by Samsung. Mophie has been making battery cases for quite a while now, and their products are unlike any out there.

The case uses a new streamlined design, and it does seem extremely compact for a battery case. The company claims that the case provides a certain degree of protection for your device while acting a backup battery whenever you need it. The case unlike the functional InkCase mentioned earlier also offers wireless charging and this feature works with all Qi-enabled sensors

The case has several unique features like the Priority+ Charge and Sync, which will charge up your device before it does so for the battery case. Each case has a unique battery capacity depending upon the phone that they are built for. You can check Mophie’s site over for more information on their battery pack cases.

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