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What is the Utilities folder on Macbook?

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Photo: Yasin Hasan /

Photo: Yasin Hasan /

Apple’s MacBook’s attractive and easy-to-use design has made it a favourite for many people worldwide. However, even experienced Mac users may not know everything about their computer’s system. One of these lesser-known features is the Utilities folder.

In this article, we have discussed the what is Utilities folder, the tools inside the Utilities and where to find the Utilities folder.

What is the Utilities folder?

The Mac’s Utilities folder holds different tools for fixing problems, taking care of the system, and checking what’s wrong. The number of these tools can vary depending on the Mac’s operating system. In the macOS Ventura, for instance, there are 17 different tools in the Utilities folder.

Tools inside the Utilities folder

Below, we have mentioned the tools inside the Utilities folder.

  • Activity Monitor: Like a task manager for Mac, it shows what your computer is doing, including how much power different things are using.
  • AirPort Utility: Used to control Apple’s wireless devices, like Wi-Fi routers. You can set up and adjust settings like security and wireless channels.
  • Audio MIDI Setup: Helps manage audio devices and settings, like microphones and speakers. You can change things like sound quality.
  • Bluetooth File Exchange: This lets you send files from your Mac to other Bluetooth devices, like iPhones or other computers.
  • Boot Camp Assistant: Helps you put Windows on your Mac if it’s an Intel-based one.
  • ColorSync Utility: Used for handling colours on your Mac, like ensuring what you see on the screen matches what you print.
  • Console: Shows logs and messages about what’s happening on your Mac. Good for figuring out problems.
  • Digital Color Meter: This lets you pick a colour from your screen, which is handy for designers and anyone working with colours.
  • Disk Utility: Helps you manage your computer’s storage. You can see info about your hard drive and fix problems.
  • Grapher: Makes graphs and charts from data you have.
  • Keychain Access: Manages passwords and secure info on your Mac.
  • Migration Assistant: Helps move everything from one Mac to another.
  • Screenshot: Takes pictures or videos of your screen.
  • Script Editor: This lets you write and run scripts automatically to make your Mac do things.
  • System Information: Shows lots of details about your Mac, like what’s inside and how it’s connected.
  • Terminal: A text-based way to control your Mac, like the Command Prompt on Windows.
  • VoiceOver Utility: Reads what’s on your screen aloud, useful for people who can’t see the screen.

Where to find the Utilities folder?

Below, we have explained various ways to access the Utilities folder.

Access the Utilities folder through the keyboard shortcut

Press the Shift + Command + U keys on your keyboard to access the Utilities folder on Mac.

Access the Utilities folder through the Go menu

To access the Utilities folder through the Go menu, open the Finder and click on the Go tab in the top menu bar and then in the dropdown menu, click on the Utilities option.

Access the Utilities folder through the Finder

To access the Utilities folder through Finder, open Finder, click on Applications and then click on the Utilities folder.

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