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Valorant releases a new agent called Deadlock

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Riot Games has released a new agent dubbed Deadlock for its popular FPS title Valorant at the Valorant Masters Tokyo tournament. The agent arrives in the game alongside Episode 7 Act 1 on June 27 and is the fifth sentinal character now available for players to choose. 

The new episode also brings a Team Deathmatch mode, a progression system, a new battle pass and more gameplay elements. As for Deadlock, Valorant has already launched a cinematic trailer highlighting the Norwegian agent’s origins and how she fits in the larger Valorant lore. The agent is more geared towards actively holding your ground using utilities instead of having to set up traps and utilities in advance. 

Since the progression system has now been revamped, unlocking the agent will be slightly simpler. Players can unlock Deadlock by completing the agent contracts, which now act as a multi-level pass that unlocks a specific agent by earning XP and automatically unlocking via free event passes. 

As is the norm with Valorant agents, Deadlock will feature three abilities and a more powerful ultimate ability as follows:

  • Sonic Sensor: Deployes a sensor that can listen for sounds in a certain area. Upon hearing footsteps or heavy gunfire, it detonates, stunning everyone nearby. 
  • Barrier Mesh: Creates a see-through energy barrier that prevents players from entering the protected area. 
  • GravNet: Launches a grenade that explodes into a net, forcing everyone caught under its effect to crouch while moving and take a speed penalty. 
  • Annihilation: The agent’s ultimate ability only affects one target. When activated, it uses a wave of nanowires to form a cacoon around the target and slowly pulls it towards its origin. If the cacoon reaches the origin of the wires, the target will be killed. The only way to prevent this is to destroy the cacoon. 

All these abilities have been demonstrated in a gameplay trailer released on the official Valorant YouTube channel alongside the cinematic launch trailer for Episode 7 of the game. As mentioned before, the agent will debut alongside the game’s next act on June 27. 

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