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What is a VCE file extension and 6 ways to convert it to PDF

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VCE is an acronym for Visual CertExam. This file extension works with the Visual CertExam Suite, which is commonly used for IT certification examinations, among others. Various tech firms, for example, Cisco, Microsoft, and others use this suite to build an exam platform where the candidate can see and answer the questions.

However, you can face difficulties in reading these files later, as these files require VCE software, which is expensive. In this article, we will provide you with six tools that will help you convert VCE files to PDF format (since PDF file format is most widely used), which will prove highly beneficial for those who are preparing for examinations. There is also a bonus tip at the end for those who need a VCE viewer rather than a converter. Also, PDF files are universally acceptable and can be accessed on any device.

Four websites where you can convert VCE files to PDF

The list of the websites is as follows.

VCE Convert

How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsThis website uses 2048-bit SSL encryption, which means that your privacy will remain intact. Along with providing a conversion option, this website offers various courses that you can download for a cost.

You can convert a maximum of 3 files amounting to not more than 70MB. The price for conversion is as follows:

  • For regular VCE to PDF conversion – $4.99 per file
  • For converting file from the existing collection of the website– $3.99

You can visit VCEconvert here.

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How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful tools

This is also a great website where you can convert VCE files to PDF. It will cost you $3.99 per file conversion. According to the website, you will get ‘as-it-is’ PDF of the VCE file, meaning there will be no changes in the pattern or format of the PDF.

There is no limit of files that you can convert, and moreover, you can get a discount on bulk orders. You will receive the PDF within 12 to 24 hours.

You can visit Convertvcetopdf here.


How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsThis website allows you to convert VCE files to PDF free of cost. However, there is a slight complication — you will have to first upload the VCE file to any of the cloud storage available like OneDrive, MediaFire, Google Drive, among others. After uploading the files, you will have to send the link on the website’s discussion. The website admins will then convert and email you the file within 12 to 24 hours.

Also, you will find various practice exams, which you can buy at a price.

You can check Vceplus here.

How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsAccording to the website’s FAQ, this is the world’s first VCE to PDF conversion service. You can customise your VCE file, meaning you can order which sections of the VCE files you do not want in your PDF.

The pricing is as follows.

  • Premium PDF – $9.99 (In premium service, you have to insert the exam code, and you will be provided with the PDF).
  • Premium VCE- $14.99 (Here, you can download the VCE format of the tests).
  • Questions only PDF-  $1.99 (This service is an add on service only).

You can visit Vice2pdf here.

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Two software to convert VCE to PDF

There are several websites from where you can download the software to convert VCE to PDF. The sites are as follows.

How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsHere, you can download software — CutePDF Writer, which is the free version of a commercial PDF converter software. This software can convert VCE files to PDF and can also print it. You will have to use VCE Designer extension to work on the software.

You can check out CutePDF here.

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How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsYou can download the software from the website and with the help of VCE designer, you can convert the VCE files to its PDF version. The premium version of the software is also available.

To visit Dopdf, click here.


In case you want to practice in a real-time exam environment, you can visit the website given below.

How to convert VCE to PDF online: seven useful toolsThis website is a web-based exam simulator for VCE files, where you can upload the VCE exam files in .vce, .exam or .pdf format and can give the exam.

The prices are as follows.

  • One exam- $9.99
  • Monthly subscription- $19.99
  • Yearly subscription- $182.40

To visit Vcetrainer, click here.

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