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What is Vimm’s Lair? Is it safe?

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As next-gen consoles start flooding the market, the older generations and the games that come with them are quickly forgotten. However, many players refuse to let go of their older consoles purely for the reason of nostalgia.

But what if you never had any of those older consoles but still want to play those older games? In this article, we’re talking about Vimm’s lair and how you can use the site to get a blast from the past.

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What is Vimm’s Lair?

Vimm’s lair is a website dedicated to keeping old consoles and games alive. Apart from emulators for pretty much every old console, including the Game Boy, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, NES, and many others, you’ll find thousands of games for said emulators, full-colour manual scans, and user ratings and reviews, among other things. The site has been up and preserving classics since 1997.

All of this is free to download and use. People can even contribute to the site by adding their own manuals, games or other uploads that might add to The Vault — the site’s storage area.

What is Vimm's Lair? Is it safe? | Candid.Technology
The Vimm’s Lair home page.

There are a few message boards to help members of the site communicate with each other and deliver updates on ongoing projects. You’ll also see a page with free links to various emulators and other resources that might be interesting to someone with a hobby of classic consoles and games.

Overall, there are five areas on the site as follows

  • Emulation Lair: Contains emulators for a bunch of old consoles.
  • The Vault: Includes , data, reviews, codes and download links for games released in the US for over 16 classic platforms.
  • The Manual Project: Contains thousands of full-colour manuals. Users can also upload their own.
  • Message Boards: Forums for discussing emulators, games, the site itself and any updates on any ongoing projects.
  • FFA Links: Contains free for all links for different emulators and other resources. Users can also add their own. 

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Is Vimm’s lair safe?

What the site offers is almost too good to be true. Still, it is true, and Vimm’s lair is safe to use and download software from as the site is continuously monitored for offensive behaviour. Unrelated or offensive content is taken down as soon as it’s reported or caught.

However, while most of the content on the site is safe to download and virus free, we recommend you take your own precautions and scan any files you download. 

The community is also rather welcoming, and you’ll find answers to most of your questions on the message boards. If you don’t, make a post and ask. 

You can visit Vimm’s Lair here

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