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Why won’t my Vizio TV turn on?

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TVs are a great way of consuming content but can also turn into a headache real quick if they don’t work as intended. At times, you might not get a signal, or a particular feature won’t work, but what do you do when your TV isn’t even powering on, and the screen stays black?

In this article, we’re talking about what to do when your Vizio TV won’t power up and the possible causes behind the issue. 

Why is your TV not starting?

There can be several reasons behind your TV malfunctioning, the most popular ones being:

  • Improper power to the TV.
  • Broken internal components.
  • Weak or dead batteries in the remote.
  • Issues in the power cable.

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How to fix this?

Here are a few solutions you can try out to see if your Vizio TV won’t turn on.

Check the remote

First up, if you’re powering up your TV using the remote, there’s a chance that the remote might be at fault, not the TV itself. Try swapping out the remote’s batteries to see if that helps your situation.

Check the power

Checking if your TV is getting power or not is a good idea too. If there’s no power in the outlet, it’s pretty obvious that the TV won’t power up no matter what fixes you try. Try plugging the TV into another power outlet as well to root out the issue.

The power cable

Check to see if the power cable has any visible wear and tear or cuts. A damaged power cable is a pretty common reason for household appliances to stop working and, not to mention, a rather easy fix. 

Power cycle your TV

Power cycling any appliance can drain residual current from it and potentially fix any problems you are facing.

To power cycle, your TV, unplug it from the wall outlet and hold down the power button at the back for about 10 seconds. Now plug the TV back in and try starting it again. 

Check the TV’s lights

Your Vizio TV’s power lights will tell you if your TV is malfunctioning. If the power indicator flashes from orange to white, wait for about two minutes and try powering on your TV again. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to call up customer support. 

On newer models where the power indicator is white only, the LED fades out when the TV gets power. If that doesn’t happen when you’re trying to power on the TV, you’re most likely looking at a repair bill.

Contact customer support

If all else fails, it’s best to get your TV repaired by a trained technician over at Vizio. You can use this link to get in touch with Vizio’s customer support. 

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