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What does WYDM mean?

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The internet is filled with acronyms and abbreviations — some of which you might’ve never heard. While these do make it easier and quicker to chat online or comment and include hashtags in posts on social networks, slangs being used as acronyms can also cause a lot of confusion for those who aren’t used to the net-lingo — especially those new to the internet or a particular social network. One such phrase used as an acronym is WYDM.

In this article, we’ve explained what WYDM means, how to use it in a conversation, the other meaning of the slang and acronyms like WYDM.

What does WYDM stand for?

WYDM stands for ‘ What (are) You Doing Man’ or ‘ What (are) You Doing Mate’.

The former is usually used in USA, while the latter is more prominently used in UK, New Zealand and Australia. This slang is usually used to ask a person what they are doing at that particular moment or what they have been doing since last they talked.

It can also be used to convey surprise upon an action or ask someone sarcastically if they know what they’re doing.

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How to use WYDM?

A person can use WYDM in the messages or comments to ask a person what they are doing and their plans in the near future. It can be used as a conversation starter to indicate the sender’s interest in the receiver’s life.

As mentioned above, it can also be used to express surprise or show concern for someone’s actions, which in most cases could be perceived as wrong or could cause harm.

Example 1

Person 1WYDM? Long time!
Person 2Nothing much was busy with studies, thanks for asking.

Example 2

Person 1*Stumbles or Crashes into something while walking*
Person 2WYDM?

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What is the other full form of WYDM?

Another popular full form of WYDM is, ‘ What You Do Matters’.

It is mostly used as a motivational phrase.


Person 1I work as an assistant manager but sometimes I feel my work doesn’t make much of a difference.
Person 2Hey, don’t feel that way, WYDM!

Other acronyms like WYDM

Two more acronyms are used in the same context of WYDM in online text messages for communication.

  • WAYDRN: What Are You Doing Right Now?
  • WAYD: What Are You Doing?

Here is another example of a phrase that can be used interchangeably with, ‘ What Are You Upto’.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal