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Everything you need to know about Website Tinting on iPhone

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One of the latest updates to Safari, the internet browser on iOS, includes a new feature called website tinting. This feature has enhanced the visual appeal of internet browsing for some users, making the experience more enjoyable. On the flip side, for others, this change might be bothersome and unappealing.

This article discusses what is Website Tinting, why should you use it, whether it is available on all browsers and how to enable/disable it.

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What is Website Tinting?

Website tinting is a cool feature in Safari, the iPhone web browser known for its see-through background. With this feature, the top part of Safari takes on a shade that matches the colour of the website you’re looking at.

This means that the colour at the top of your screen in Safari reflects the main colour or tone of the website you’re visiting. Additionally, the tabs, bookmarks, and navigation buttons in Safari get a makeover to match the colour scheme of the website you’re currently browsing. However, the bottom address bar in Safari still maintains its see-through appearance.

Why should you use Website Tinting?

Companies and different groups make efforts to enhance their clients’ online experience by focusing on the design of their websites. Tints allow designers to create a straightforward yet attractive design that helps users effortlessly locate the information they’re looking for on a website. The colour scheme also aids in establishing a polished and cohesive appearance for the website as it originates from a consistent colour foundation.

Using website tinting not only adds a pleasing touch to the browsing experience by giving a solid look to the top part but also improves the readability of the website’s content.

Is Website Tinting available on all browsers?

Not every web browser supports website tinting. Apple created this feature specifically for Safari, and it’s only compatible with iPhones running iOS 15 and iPads with iPadOS.

How to enable/disable it?

To enable and disable it follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on Safari.
  • Turn the toggle off beside the Allow Website Tinting option.

To enable it again follow the same steps.

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