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What are high refresh rate monitors?

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Beautiful, vibrant, and colourful visuals engage our retinas, releasing endorphins or happy hormones. Therefore, blurry or dull displays are not only bad for your eyes but mental health. Being surrounded by screens the majority of the time, one must pay attention to the quality of the screens. A high refresh rate plays an important role, be it of a phone or a PC monitor.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of a high refresh rate of monitors and why you should think about getting one.

You can also watch our videos on the same topic in English and Hindi.

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What is refresh rate?

A refresh rate is the number of frames that can be refreshed and displayed in under one second. Monitors come in 120 Hz, 144 Hz, 240 Hz, and 360 Hz refresh rates. Hertz (Hz) is the measure of the monitor’s frequency, that is, the number of frames a monitor displays in one second.

Frames per second (FPS) is the number of frames a program can display in one second. Hence, the higher the monitor’s refresh rate, the more frames per second you can see, provided your computer is strong enough to push enough framerates to max out your monitor.

Benefits of high refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate frequency of a monitor, the smoother the transition and more frames are displayed. This provides an overall high definition and pixel perfect display for gaming and other activities. A high refresh rate is more suitable for avid gamers due to the high velocity, graphics and motion involved in a video game.

The smooth and fluid details that one can get with a high refresh rate monitor are hard to ignore. A standard 60 Hz monitor gives approximately 16.67 milliseconds of input lag like the input lag. An input lag is the time it takes to switch between two frames. On a 120Hz monitor, the input lag is 8.33 ms, which is almost half of a standard monitor’s refresh rate.

Screen tearing happens when the CPU or GPU renders frames at a higher rate than what can be handled by your computer’s screen. This is common in standard computers.

Why buy an HRR monitor?

If the points covered enough weren’t enough, you can watch our YouTube videos in English and Hindi. To summarise, a monitor with a high refresh rate can do wonders for you in the following ways:

  • Provides fluid gaming visuals, and smooth image transitions are guaranteed.
  • They improve retina display with their crystal clear screens and minute details.
  • Improves gaming experience with a flash.
  • No input lag.
  • Zero virtual screen tearing.

If you are looking to invest or upgrade your equipment, this is the right place to begin. With added features, the price increases, so go through all details and buy a monitor with a higher refresh rate.

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