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What are RFID blocking wallets? Why are they used?

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The conversation on data protection is increasingly important as technology advances. We know that it is important not to share our passwords and manage account information carefully, but you know that confidential information can be compromised directly from your pocket in usual places without your awareness? Thankfully, RFID wallets, popularly known as RFID blocking devices, are secured.

Introduction of RFID technology leads to the need for RFID wallets. RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. An electromagnetic field is used in RFID to identify and track system-integrated objects via digital data tags.

This is ultimately a move forward from the traditional bar codes as seen on items in shops or stock management plants. This higher technology involves not only basic product info but also wireless access to sensitive data and tracking capability.

The opponent is not RFID on its own. It was initially developed to identify British planes when they came back to the base after a mission during World War II. Today, it is used by multiple sectors, such as retail, transport, shipping, banking and more, as it is highly effective and efficient. These chips assist the tracking of products in different warehouses which significantly speeds up online ordering and processing.

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How is Credit Card information being stolen?

The greatest threat to an RFID user comes from people now called “skimmers.” They use RFID scanners to obtain strangers’ credit card numbers, expiry dates, and CVV codes. These scanners are using digital development for theft via traditional RFID technology.

Since the RFID scanner and your wallet do not require a physical touch due to the use of electromagnetic fields, anyone trying to steal your data will be gone a long way before you realise that there has been an intrusion.

Once a skimmer acquires the card details, it is a reasonably straightforward process to use it. The thieves can transfer the data to a new card with a card magnetisation tool. The skimmer has all the information about your card and can be used within seconds of being copied.

Neither are these machines difficult or costly to get. Anybody with the money to buy a magnetisation tool or card a reader, irrespective of industry or purpose can easily access your sensitive information.

What are RFID blocking wallets?

For starters, RFID wallets have been purposefully created to prevent skimmers from collecting your card data.

These RFID wallets comprise of carbon fibre or metal layer wrapping that is a conductive material. This single layer in all these RFID wallets obstructs the access of electromagnetic fields of the cards that include RFID chips. The conductivity measurement decides how easily a material transfers electric charges.

It is important to note that to ensure that valuable RFID embedded articles are safe, they must be placed in the wallet. So, RFID wallets keep your credit cards safe if they’re in it.

Why should you use an RFID blocking wallet?

The RFID scanner frequency waves are sufficiently strong to pass through clothing, backpacks or traditional wallets. That’s why a specialised and high tech material is so essential to have in your pocket to block RFID scanners. With RFID embedded items, each of us is in danger of getting robbed of sensitive information. The straightforward protection of an RFID wallet can be incredibly useful.

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Rajiv Kulkarni

Rajiv Kulkarni