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What are Smart Washers and do you need one?

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The past few years have brought the word ‘smart’ to almost all of the gadgets out there. Going by the current connotation, for a device to be smart, all it needs is particular sensors and a smooth internet connection. Smart Washer is one such smart device that syncs to your smartphone so that real-time washing operation data, as well as the health of the machine parts, are displayed directly to the user on their phone.

The smart washer is nothing but a laundry device, which syncs its data with connected devices via the internet. Smart washers are different from the usual digital devices in the sense that they serve notifications to your phone for various purposes. Some of the things that you get notifications for are when loading is finished and demands to be transferred to the dryer, detecting issues, utilising your voice or phone controls to adjust settings, usage of smart tumble features, among several others depending on the model you’re using.

Smart washers have usual features like full-colour touchscreens for customising your wash cycle, with several more options available when connected to the internet. They can be useful if you are busy doing some other work and don’t have time to take a look at the clothes after the cycle is complete. The washer keeps your clothes in proper form by ensuring that they don’t get wrinkled or mildew.

Among other things, once done, smart washers notify you when your clothes are done. After you are done giving the machine commands through your phone or your voice, the washer will in every minute lightly tumble your clothes for passage of air. The standard washers allow you to delay the washing cycle, but the smart washer will also let you set a timer according to your convenience via the internet.

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Do you need a smart washer?

What are Smart Washers and do you need one?Is it essential to put money just to get a few extra features? It all depends on your lifestyle and budget. A smart washer can be a luxury or necessity. Depending on the company and the model, the appliances can range from $800 to $2000.

Repair cost for smart washers is relatively expensive than the regular washers. Smart washers also notify users when any of the parts require repair or replacement. This is likely to save some of your money or in some cases maybe not so much. You see some of the early ‘smart’ techs weren’t as smart and just had a timer that would notify after some time has passed. So it’s a double-edged sword if you don’t use the washer as often and the parts aren’t subject to the normal wear and tear estimated by the company.

If your traditional washer is doing fine, it doesn’t really make sense to go for a smart washer right now as the tech is still in its infancy. Still, a few years down the line you might want to check out the then new-gen smart washers again because advancements in the field are inevitable as every gadget shifts to ‘smart’ AI-powered tech.

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