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What are writing assistants? Why should you use them? Top 6 assistants

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Nothing is more embarrassing than a typo in a mail to your boss or in a post on a public site. With a majority of our communications in modern times are texts either via messages or posts, the need for writing assistants has never been higher.

Writing assistants help us check our spelling, grammar, and punctuations — they can be viewed as filters to pass our words to make them more refined.

It also helps us write with more confidence knowing that the software would catch our silly little mistakes that are often made while composing a draft in a hurry.

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Why do you need writing assistants?

Due to our hectic professional lives in this connected world, we often cannot compose a perfect manifestation of our thoughts into words and later have to sit down and proofread every single word we wrote. We’re naturally bound to make mistakes at one point or another. Hey, “to err is human” right?

Don’t believe me? Pick up your phone, go to your keyboard settings and disable the autocorrect feature. Live with it for a day, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. However, do keep in mind that writing assistants are still software that isn’t cent percent accurate.

If you’re bad at grammar, it’s always better to run through your final draft via a person who is good at it — even after you’ve taken the assistance of one of this writing software.

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Top 6 writing assistants

Here are some of our recommended writing assistants for your consideration.


Price: Free, Premium starting at $29.95/mo

Grammarly has been a personal favourite of mine for the past few months. It is simple and effective and has a client for almost all platforms. The free version is perfect for most people, but if you’re interested, the paid version offers detailed checks, plagiarism checker, and also provides a live human proofreader to check out your writing and provide constructive feedback.

You can find Grammarly here


Price: Free, premium starting from $60/yearly

ProWritingAid is targeted at professional writers, hence the name, and unlike other apps it offers resources to writers and helps them shape their thoughts much better with writer oriented tools.

You can find ProWritingAid here

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Price: Free

If you’re a non-native English speaker, Reverso can be a great tool in your arsenal as it also offers translation with grammatical and spelling and punctuation errors.

You can find Reverso here


Price: Free, Paid

WhiteSmoke is another famous writing assistant software which uses machine learning to spot errors and inconsistencies with your writing.

You can find WhiteSmoke here

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Price: free

If you wish to improve the readability of your writing Hemingway is a simple and useful app which can point out inconsistencies and help to make your writing bold and bright.

You can find Hemingway here


Price: Free/ Paid

While looking for writing assistants, 1Checker makes an impression. It has a flexible nature that can adapt to any style of writing and also provides tons of templates for business and communications where all you have to do is to fill in the details.

You can find 1Checker here.

Writing assistants are just assistants to help you polish up your written content and shouldn’t be solely relied upon to prevent mistakes. Nevertheless, they’re a boon in modern times where you can count on them to catch blunders before you hit that send or submit button.

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Mani Maaran

  • If you want to write academic articles that are more concise, Hemingway is great. If you plan on writing an article that ranks in search engines, then the Hemingway app on its own won’t do it. Been using Hemingway and Yoast together forever but still not ranking. Glad to have found INK, helped me replace both.

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