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What does ION mean on Snapchat?

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The internet is infamous for coming up with its own lingo specific to different platforms and social media apps. Dedicated fanbases across all major social media platforms, including but not limited to platforms like Twitch even, have their lingo that might sound gibberish to people on the outside.

In this article, we’re looking at what ION means on Snapchat.

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ION on Snapchat?

Apart from the actual meaning in Chemistry, there are a few meanings on the word ION.

When used on Snapchat, it’s generally short for the phrase ‘I don’t’. The term is often used in phrases like “ION know”, which as you can guess, sounds a lot like “I don’t know”.

It can be used either seriously or sarcastically to indicate that the conversation isn’t as interesting as they might think. 

Apart from this, ION is often also used to shorten the phrase “In Other News”, depending on the context of the conversation.

Like pretty much every other internet slang, context is essential to understand what someone is trying to communicate. 

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Other meanings of ION

Of course, the standard meaning of an Ion is an atom with a negative or positive charge that generally happens due to the loss or gain of an electron. Still, social media isn’t a chemistry class, so be careful before you accidentally end up teaching someone a lesson in Chemistry before realising that all they’re saying is “I don’t” or “in other news”.

The term also has several alternatives. Here’s a table describing some common variations you might come across.

Slang variationMeaning
ionoI don’t know
ion knowI don’t know
ion knoI don’t know
ionnoI don’t know
iontI don’t
iontcurrI don’t care

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