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What does Piercing do in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a rather popular adventure-survival sandbox game that lets players discover vast worlds, mine for elements, fight monsters and eventually make their place in the Minecraft world.

There are a lot of tools the game gives players to make their job easier, especially fighting. In this article, we’re talking about an enchantment called piercing.

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What’s Piercing in Minecraft?

Piercing is an enchantment you can put on your crossbow that causes any arrows shot from that specific crossbow to go through the target. The enchantment has four levels. 

Arrows shot through a piercing crossbow can go through one higher than the number of entities equal to the enchantment level. For example, if you have a level four enchanted crossbow, an arrow shot through that crossbow will go through five entities. 

What does Piercing do in Minecraft?
Having good weapons can make your Minecraft life much easier.

These arrows can also be retrieved once shot, which means you can use them infinite times. The retrieval includes spectral and tipped arrows as well. Piercing arrows also ignore shields regardless of whether they’re blocking them or not. 

Do keep in mind, though, that Piercing and Multishot are mutually exclusive enchantments, meaning one will not work with another. However, if you combine them using commands (requires cheats to be enabled in the server or world), both will function as normal, with both arrows from Multishot getting the Piercing effect. 

The enchantment is available in the following versions of Minecraft

PlatformPiercing supportVersion
Java EditionYes1.14 or higher
Bedrock Edition (Pocket Edition)Yes1.10.0 or higher
Xbox 360No
Xbox OneYes1.10.0 or higher
PS4Yes1.90 or higher
Wii UNo
Nintendo SwitchYes1.10.0 or higher
Windows 10 EditionYes1.10.0 or higher
Education EditionYes1.12.0 or higher

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