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What does ‘received’ mean on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps around at the moment. The app owes its popularity majorly to its ingenious use of photos as the primary form of communication and gamifying features it adds in addition to privacy focussed features such as self-disappearing messages.

However, that can also make the app a bit confusing to use. In this article, we’re looking at what does ‘received’ mean on Snapchat and what different send states mean. 

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Send states on Snapchat

Whenever you send a snap, you get one of the four following send states:

  • Sent: Your snap has been sent, and the Snapchat servers have registered your message.
  • Received: Your message has been delivered to the recipient’s Snapchat account. 
  • Delivered: Snapchat has confirmed the message delivery.
  • Opened: Your message has been opened by the recipient. 
What does 'received' mean on Snapchat?
Different send states on Snapchat. | Source: Snapchat

All three different states have different colours and icons assigned to them. Depending on the state of your snap, you can tell whether it has been opened, viewed or screenshotted by just looking at the respective icon. 

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Received vs Delivered on Snapchat

As mentioned before, The received state, indicated by a coloured arrow icon in your chats, gets triggered when your message is received on the recipient’s end.

The delivered state, indicated by a coloured square, gets triggered when Snapchat servers confirm the message’s preference on the recipient’s device. 

What do pending Snaps mean?

You get a grey-coloured pending send state when your snap is in the process of being sent. This could happen for several reasons, including a bad internet connection, you being blocked by the recipient, or Snapchat servers simply being down. 

A grey-coloured icon next to your snap can indicate that your sent snap has expired. If a snap isn’t opened for 31 days, it expires. 

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