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What does the Star mean on Apple Music?

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Apple Music is a popular choice for music lovers, providing a huge collection of songs, handpicked playlists, and suggestions personalised just for you. One standout feature that adds a personal touch to your music journey is the star icon. It plays a vital role in customising your music experience.

In this article, we have discussed what does the Star mean on Apple Music and how to rate a song on Apple Music.

Below we have discussed:

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What does the Star mean on Apple Music?

If you are using Apple Music or the Music/iTunes app to enjoy your downloaded tunes, you’ll notice a star system for each song. You can rate each track from one to five stars, indicating how much you enjoyed it. Apple Music takes these ratings and uses them to inform its algorithms, tailoring recommendations based on your listening history and preferences.

The collective star rating data is then analysed, allowing Apple to identify the most popular tracks across various albums and genres. So, when you check out the all-time best-selling albums in your favourite genre or by your preferred artist, you are likely to spot at least one song with a star next to it.

How to rate a song on Apple Music?

Apple Music allows its users to rate songs and if you wish to rate a song on Apple Music then follow the steps below:

Rate a song on the iPhone

  • Open the song that you want to rate on Apple Music.
  • Tap on the Triple dot button to open the menu.
  • Tap on Rate Song option and then assign a star rating from one to five stars.
  • Tap on the Done button.

Rate a song on Mac

Step 1: Open the song that you want to rate on Apple Music.

Step 2: You might see the star-shaped icons on the left of the Download button. You might have to hover you mouse over the area to show them.

Step 3: Click on the stars to rate the song.

These options to rate a song are not available in India but they might be available in your country.

It’s important to note that a star rating isn’t permanent. Users have the flexibility to alter their rating for a song whenever they want by going through the same process. In the past, Apple Music even let users rate songs through Siri, but this feature was unexpectedly removed with the introduction of iOS 15.

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