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What does try/silent mean on Instagram?

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If you are a busy bee, whether working on a project or drowning in assignments with no time for social media, this post is for you. Many of us barely have the time to respond to our contacts on social media daily. Instagram has a way of creeping into our lives with its reels, posts, stories, and so many more features.

This article discusses how you can control the flow of your Instagram messages to help you maintain your peace of mind.

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Try/Silent explained

This world is consumed with memes and stories that happen daily; they are shared repeatedly. How does one escape the constant bombardment of memes, reels, stories and posts without appearing rude or lost? Well, Instagram has fished one out of their bag of feature goodies.

‘Try/silent’ used to be known as the ‘Try@silent’ feature initially. However, this old feature was only recently given a makeover.

What does try/silent mean?

Let us be cryptic about this. Its meaning lies in its usage. Maybe not that complicated, is it? By using these magical words in front of your message, you can control how the other person receives it.

If you use Try/Silent in the DMs, the other person will not be notified about your message, and your message will not pop up on their notification bar. Hence, relieving them of unnecessary headaches and distractions.

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How to use try/silent on Instagram?

By typing the given magical words in front of any message, you can turn your entire message into a transparent cloud of no-notification ghosts. Just type these two words in this sequence with any format:

  • Try/Silent
  • try/silent
  • try/Silent
  • Try/silent
What does try/silent mean on Instagram?
These messages were sent silently

You’ll notice a Sent silently badge below each message sent with try/silent on Instagram

Why should we use it?

It helps keep annoying notifications at bay; this way, you don’t miss out on the more important messages. You can also prioritise your messages, eventually more on your work. Avoiding unnecessary message pop-ups and maintaining some low-key and zen mode on Instagram is probably the need of the hour on this social media platform.

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