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What happens when you hide a comment on Facebook?

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Facebook has come a long way from the first million users it acquired by the end of 2004 — the year it launched — to more than two billion monthly active users at the time of writing. Not only that, the company diversified its portfolio by adding more products like Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger and Oculus, among others.

Comments are one of the most engaging tools across social networks and help people emote better as well as strike conversations about a media or a topic. However, the sheer volume of people using Facebook makes it difficult to moderate every comment, and every so often you might find a not-so-likeable comment on one of your status updates or posts on a page.

Now you can obviously engage with the person who has commented, but if for whatever reason you don’t feel like doing that directly and don’t want to afford any limelight to the commenter either, you can choose to either hide the comment or delete it altogether. If you’re not sure what happens when you hide a comment on Facebook and whether you should rather delete it, we’ve got you covered here.

When you hide a comment on Facebook, it will appear with a grey background to you but it will still be visible to the commenter as well as all their friends.

They can also start a discussion on the hidden comment but that won’t be visible to anyone who is not a friend of the person whose comment you hid.

You can also adjust who can comment on your public posts on Facebook. Check out our article below to learn more.

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Is the person whose comment you hid notified?

No, Facebook doesn’t send any notification to a person when you hide their comment.

Hiding vs Deleting a Facebook comment

While hiding a comment is one way to go about things, you can alternatively also choose to delete the comment. While hiding a comment will still allow the person and their friends to see and discuss further, deleting the comment will simply remove it from your post.

If you want, you can report the comment too if you think it violates Facebook’s community standards and ban the person or page.

Facebook is also vying to sync user data across platforms with its Accounts Centre tool, making it easier for the consumers to find relevant products as well as for the advertisers to find their relevant audience. You can read more about the pros and cons of Facebook’s latest tool in our article here.

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