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What is a Blog? Why are so many of them around?

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The internet is full of content, text, photos, videos; there’s a lot of information out there to consume. However, one of the most popular mediums that we use is text. We read a lot on the internet, and that’s what makes it so valuable.

In this article, we’re talking about blogs. What they are, what purpose do they serve, and are they of any use?

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What are blogs?

A blog is considered to be an online journal or diary on a website. In other words, a blog is defined as a website where a person regularly writes posts about a particular topic or niche that interests them.

Generally, blogs combine the written content, links to other blogs, digital content in the form of photos and videos with the permission for the viewers to make comments.

The main purpose of a blog is to connect you to your target audience along with sending quality leads to your website. Writing a blog can be for two purposes — personal or business.

Personal Use

Blogging for personal use acts as a personal diary or journal. This encounters all the personal experiences experienced by the writer or blogger. The more frequently blogs are posted, the wider the audience becomes.

Business Use

Blogs for business are becoming quite the thing. It helps them get their SEO rating up, be more visible on the internet, engage with their clients better and eventually, connect with a wider audience in the process.

Frequent and relevant blogs from a business can enhance the brand value of the business and make it more reliable and attractive, building trust among the audience and customers alike.

What is Blogging?

Blogging essentially refers to the process of writing and publishing blogs (or content) on websites. It does require a few skills, mostly writing and SEO, to make a good blog that stands out among the crowd.

A blogger is a person who runs, writes, supervises and controls the blogs that are published on the website. The blogger does everything in their control to make the blogs attractive and gain a mass and targeted audience or viewers.

Blogging is fairly a new profession getting mass attention from people ranging from all age groups and various other professions worldwide. However, blogging is not a profession that can make you rich quickly.

You’re going to need to build a significant audience before you even think of generating revenue from your blog, mainly through ads.

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Inputs from Yadullah Abidi and Ishika Aggarwal
CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team