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What is an NFT Airdrop?

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An NFT airdrop is similar to care package drops in games or real life. It offers free tokens and is beneficial in the long run. Here we’ve explained what NFT airdrops are and how you can find the right scam-free airdrop, collect NFT tokens, begin trading and have fun.

Why do NFT drops happen?

NFT airdrops are a marketing strategy employed to attract more users, usually by startups. An airdrop usually takes place before a project is officially launched, and they give NFTs for free to users. This helps increase recognition of the platform and the NFTs being released.

What is an NFT Airdrop?

Airdrops work as a promotional stunt for NFT-based platforms or new cryptocurrencies. All the promotional marketing is done to get people talking about the NFT project and increase NFT sales after its official launch.

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When do NFT drops happen?

Hopefully, if you have reached this part of the article, prepare to be shocked. NFT drops are successful when the marketing strategy used by developers works and enough buzz is generated. You can make a drop happen by supporting and promoting the NFTs being airdropped.

Usually, NFT airdrops are announced on the official page of the platform, dropping them along with the essential details. However, you can also follow pages on Twitter or third-party websites like Airdrop Alert. Furthermore, you can join Discord or Telegram groups related to NFT airdrops for more updates. You should also have a crypto wallet to store your NFT. is an NFT aggregator where you can find the latest, upcoming, and exclusive airdrops and in-depth information on NFT airdrops.

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Types of NFT airdrops

There are three different types of airdrops, including both crypto and NFTs:

Standard Airdrop

This involves completing a small social media task or entering your email address in return for some cryptocurrency. No currency is spent — only a simple task to get rewarded with an airdrop.

Exclusive Airdrop

For loyal crypto-users, as the name suggests, these drops only cater to those with experience in the blockchain community. Exclusivity rewards you with free airdrops without any strings attached.

Bounty Airdrop

Similar to standard airdrops, bounty airdrops are possible only when your presence on social media and the bitcoin community is confirmed. Bounty airdrops require you to join specific groups on social media apps and share posts on them.

Other kinds of NFT airdrops include Hardforks, Retroactive, and Holder airdrops.

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Why look out for NFT drops?

Even you must be intrigued about how to own an NFT, the rage nowadays, within your financial capabilities. NFT airdrops are exactly what you should be looking out for then. There is always a risk involved. However, if you monitor NFT groups on social media, including Twitter and Telegram, you can play it safe and win free NFTs.

These NFTs can be exchanged later for blockchain currencies, giving you a sizable profit. So think about it, even if there is no sudden profit, you can always increase your collection, making you a serious and loyal holder.

Practice caution with NFT Airdrops

You may not be a stranger to how hackers work with bitcoin mining coming to light. So yes, keeping caution to the wind and being on the lookout for fraudulent airdrops is important. Moreover, be on the lookout for dusting attacks during NFT drops as well. Some steps to follow to be safe include:

  • Never share your private key.
  • If an airdrop is asking for a small amount of cash in return, it is probably fake. Never share any cryptocurrency during an airdrop.
  • Asking you for secret passwords or sentences.
  • A site that leads you to a phishing website that asks for your login credentials to your crypto-wallet.
  • Start using two-factor authentication for future security purposes.

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