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What is Dial Assist?

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Dial Assist is one of the several features that you get in an iPhone. It automatically adds the correct international or local prefix when you make a call to your contacts from your iPhone.

Like many features, it is on by default, that is, when you call somebody, you will see that the prefixes are added to the phone number.

In this article, we discuss various frequently answered questions about Dial Assist so that all your doubts are cleared.

How can Dial Assist be helpful?

Dial Assist is particularly helpful to those who make several international calls on a daily basis. It is also helpful in case you travel to international countries frequently.

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How can Dial Assist cause problems?

Usually, you will have no problems with Dial Assist. However, if you head to the Apple forums, people have posted a few problems with this feature.

Some of the problems are as follows:

  • If you have saved someone’s number with the prefix, then you will encounter problems while dialling that person.
  • A few persons have reported that while the Dial Assist works fine in one country, it malfunctions in another.
  • When Dial Assist is enabled, you could be charged when you make the calls when the calls are supposed to be free.
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Photo: Framesira /

Should Dial Assist be on or off?

It depends entirely on you. If you are satisfied with the feature or if the feature works perfectly fine in your country, then there is no need for you to turn it off.

Or, if you do not get too many international calls or calls in general, then you don’t need the feature as such. Also, if you habitually save people’s phone numbers with prefixes, this feature might not be useful to you.

You should note that when the Dial Assist is off, you will have to save every number with the correct prefix code manually.

How to disable or enable Dial Assist?

Here are the steps to disable Dial Assist on iPhone:

  • Tap on Settings on the home screen of your iPhone. If you can’t see the app on the Home Screen, then go to the App Library.
  • Go to Phone and then toggle the Dial Assist switch to turn it off or on.

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