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What’s in my backpack? 2019 Edition

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What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

So I am on my summer break presently. Which means I have to travel back home for a whole month. Which in turns raises the question of what tech I carry with me and what not.

After careful consideration, I eventually ended up carrying almost exactly my daily loadout. So read on to find out what tech is in my backpack this year.

The tech in my backpack

The Backpack

Let’s begin with the backpack itself.

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

I am currently using the Suete Verdiater. It’s a great backpack with loads of space, and it’s also got all the fancy techy bells and whistles. You get an external USB port to charge your devices, there are loads of pockets for all your gadgets, its anti-theft, and waterproof.

All in all, a great bag. I also use it as my daily driver.

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I use the HP ab522tx. Now the name may not sound super cool but this machine has some serious power under the hood.

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

It’s running a 6th gen Intel i5 6200U @2.3GHz. It’s got 8 gigs of RAM, 1 TB of SSD storage and an Nvidia 940MX 4GB graphics card.

While all those specs might seem dated in 2019, the laptop is still able to deliver a surprising amount of power. I can still play pretty much any game I want while being able to code, edit videos/photos, do 3D designing/animation and a bunch of other stuff on it.

All in all, a great machine.


I’ve been using the Moto One Power for almost a year now. The phone has really held to my expectations, with performance and battery life being totally amazing for the price.

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

Motorola has also kept its promise of Android One updates. I not only get regular updates every month but was also one of the first to get my hands on Android 9 officially.

The battery still performs to this day and I easily get roughly about two days on a single charge.


What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

On a daily basis, I carry my Boult Audio Tru5ive TWS earbuds but for longer journeys, I also bring along my Kotion Each G5200 gaming headset. Because you know, CS: GO for life.

Jokes aside, both of these earphones are great. They’re also on the opposite sides of the spectrum. While I get all wireless and convenient with my Tru5ive, the G5200 are some big bad boys.


If you’ve been reading me up here, you’ll know that I am a photographer and filmmaker.

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

I carry my Canon 200D as my primary camera. I use it to vlog, shoot videos, click pictures and everything else. I also carry a 50mm prime lens along with the standard 18-55mm kit lens.

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Apart from my mains, there are two things I absolutely never travel without.

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

First up, my mouse, the Logitech g300s. It’s a great gaming mouse, super reliable, has a bunch of buttons and is extremely lightweight. I’ve had this one for about three and a half years now and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Secondly, my RedGear Pro wireless gamepad. It comes in handy for casual gaming sessions while on the train or even a bus sometimes. It has really good battery backup, ergonomic shape, has backlit buttons and is super cheap. What more could you ask for?


Apart from all that, here’s a lot of other stuff that’s always in my bag

What's in my backpack? 2019 Edition | Candid.Technology

  • Syska 10,000 mAh Powerbank: It’s just a sleek black box that goes into the inside sleeve of my bag. Why 10000? The only thing I charge off is my earbuds. I rarely charge my phone off it as it itself lasts about two days for me so that capacity is perfect.
  • A pocket knife, a compass and a lighter: Okay, so I have a thing for survivalist gear. found this really cool credit card size foldable pocket knife and have been carrying it around ever since. It’s really cool and has come in handy quite a lot of times. Need to open a package or slice a rope? This thing will do it no questions asked.
    The lighter is more of a novelty item, but it does find it’s purpose from time to time. Usually, I use it to warm heat shrink.
    The compass? I won it in an astronomy photography competition and guess what, it looks good in photos.
  • DragonWar GP001 Mousepad: Got it with the DragonWar Thor ELE-G9 gaming mouse. The mouse died after about a year but I have the mousepad still.
  • A bunch of ‘stuff’: Some other essentials. Cables, pen drives, adaptors, a mechanical pencil, a Pilot pen. extra SD cards for my camera and a card reader. Oh and two notebooks, one personal and one for work.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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