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What is Linktree?

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LinkTree is a social media reference landing page to provide a landing page platform for a person or a company’s associated links in the social network. Linktree allows linking multiple sites, which social media sites rarely allow.

How does LinkTree work?

Linktree functions by creating a landing page on the site, which in turn features multiple links to your business or website. To use it, you can copy and paste the Linktree URL into the user’s social media accounts bio or anywhere else they want to create awareness about their other sites.

Is LinkTree free to use?

It is a ‘freemium’ that everyone can use. The premium version gets you more features and branding options, but the free version provides a fair amount of functionality.

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LinkTree Free vs Premium version

The free version of LinkTree provides features like adding unlimited links, QR codes, video links, video link customisation, link thumbnails and social icons. It helps to integrate and sites such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook and Vimeo with low-cost processing fees and sensitive content warnings.

Meanwhile, the Premium version, which costs $6 per month, adds more features alongwith the features of the free version, including adding the leap links, link scheduling, priority links, newsletter email sign up, SMS link, RSS link. Users can also track the countries, cities and channels that bring users to their page using the onboard analytics tool by Linktree. Users can also use integrations by Mailchimp, Zapier, Google sheets, Unsplash, Tablr and Amazon influencer program. They also get enhanced customisation and additional options, including downloading their data and removing the LinkTree logo watermark. You also get access to various designs of background and bio descriptions.

How to get LinkTree?

Link tree provides super easy access. The user can visit their website Linktree’s website and create an account for absolutely free. It is simple, easy and takes just about a few minutes to complete the process.


Link Tree collects and stores email address, name, username, hashed password, city or country, language, browser type, industry, app data (user set preferences), and location data using the IP address.

According to Linktree, they collect this personal information to ensure the service is relevant, process transactions, deliver promotional materials, comply with the law, verify user identity and for consumer reach.

Any personal information collected and stored on Linktree may be shared with third parties, including technology and media partners, lawyers, accountants, professional advisors, third party branding service, law enforcement, payment processors and Linktree related companies.

You can access Linktree’s complete privacy policy here.

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Ishika Aggarwal