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What is the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ Text ? Why is it used?

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The ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text and focus go hand in hand on the Internet. Confused much? Let us help you understand.

While working on something, focus is the most important thing. You may have all the equipment that’s needed, but without focus, it’s impossible to complete the task at hand.

Focus may also be defined as something that represents the accuracy by which any work may be done; it helps you complete your work on time with the quality that it requires.

While editing text and deciding the layout for it one tends to get distracted easily by a document that is an interesting read and focuses upon the words more than it’s graphical features, this is where the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text comes in, and this article will tell you all about it.

Origin of Lorem Ipsum?

Going by popular belief Lorem Ipsum is non-sensical text that is just a jumble of Latin words. Through research, the text is a part of sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC.

The excerpts are based upon the discourse of hedonism. The book — a treatise on the theory of ethics — was very popular during the Renaissance.

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Meaning of Lorem Ipsum

The original Lorem Ipsum text talks about the out deliverance of pain and pleasure and how it is all circumstantial and is defined by our actions. You can find its English translation here.

Why is Lorem Ipsum used?

What is the 'Lorem Ipsum' Text ? Why is it used as a sample text?
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The layout of a page, the font that it is using, the way that the flow of text is designed, these are all questions that any person designing a magazine, a page on the internet or a book has to answer.

Using it helps one perform the task at hand without distracting their mind with meaningful content.

The Lorem Ipsum text has a more or less normal distribution of letters which makes it better than just using a place holder text as these can have unorganised wording which may drastically affect the layout.

This text block is used to show off the features of a specific font, set up indentations and spacing and in a person’s skill to make format easy to read and understand.

One may say that they could use any text for this, but the letters involved and the spacing involved reveal more about the general style of the page than any other combination defining all graphical components.

So, basically, the Lorem Ipsum text has become a generic dummy text to fill in spaces in certain websites like the one that showcases website themes. In such websites, the text isn’t at all important but it’s important to let the visitor know where text boxes can be used on a certain theme.

Lorem Ipsum text generators

Over the years this block of text has gone under several modifications to become the gibberish that it is (non-sensible Latin text) and these modifications have led to certain randomised pieces of humour to have also been embedded into the text blocks.

These may be offensive or may sometimes cause embarrassment for the party using the text.

Here are links to three Lorem Ipsum generators which you can try:

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