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What is Slick app?

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Slick is a relatively new social media app founded by Archit Nanda and Rachit Bansal and launched in November 2022 that aims to create a more positive online experience. Unlike traditional platforms focusing on likes and shares, Slick builds connections through compliments.

This article discusses what the Slick app offers and its potential drawbacks to give you a better understanding of the app.

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What Slick offers?

Here’s a breakdown of what Slick offers:

  • Compliment-based interactions: Similar to the American app Gas, Slick allows users to send anonymous compliments to friends. These compliments come in the form of polls, where users vote on which positive trait best describes the recipient.
  • School/College focus: Slick targets the school and college student community. offering a space to connect with classmates and discover what’s trending on campus.
  • Limited direct interaction: Unlike most social media platforms, Slick restricts direct messaging and media sharing to foster a safer and more lighthearted environment.
  • Optional anonymity: Users can reveal their identity to those they compliment. There’s also a premium option that allows users to see who sent them compliments.

Is Slick app safe? Potential drawbacks

Slick offers a unique alternative to traditional social media, potentially creating a more positive online space for young people. However, there have also been concerns:

  • Limited features: Unlike traditional social media platforms, Slick lacks direct messaging and photo-sharing features. This might limit its appeal for some users who crave a more comprehensive social experience.
  • Data security breach: In February 2023, a data breach exposed user information, including phone numbers and dates of birth. This raises questions about the app’s ability to protect user privacy.

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