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What is the highest Snap Score?

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Snapchat, the popular social media platform known for its unique features and disappearing messages, has a particular metric called the Snap Score. This score measures a user’s engagement and activity on the app. Many Snapchat users are fascinated by achieving the highest Snap Score possible.

In this article, we have discussed what Snap Score is, the highest snap score and what is considered a high snap score.

What is snap score?

Snapchat’s algorithm takes into account various factors when calculating the Snap score. These factors include the number of Snaps sent and received, stories sent, people added as friends, and the duration of Snapchat streaks with other users. Additionally, the app usage frequency plays a role in determining your Snap Score. If you frequently share photos and stories, your score will increase.

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What is the highest snap score?

Currently holding the highest Snapchat score in the world, @mustbecris has amassed over 320 million snap scores.

Achieving such a score requires sending and receiving over 1,000,000 snaps daily. To gain such a snap score, you must have many Snapchat friends with whom you consistently share snaps. Below are the five highest snap scores of all time alongwith the username of the people.

UsernameSnap Score
Mustbecris322 million
Cris-thisguy250 million
Dion-19237 million
Michae86l31.2 million
Ciqlo28 million

What is considered a high snap score?

Snap Score has become a friendly competition among friends to maintain high snap streaks. A snap score of 5,000 to 50,000 indicates that the user frequently uses Snapchat. Falling within the range of 50,000 to 200,000 is considered an average score for the app, with most users falling within this category. If your snap score reaches 200,000 to 400,000, then it means that the user is quite popular.

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