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How to identify the theme used by a website?

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What Wordpress theme is that? Identify the theme used by a website

Automattic-owned Wordpress is one of the most popular websites in the world as it garners more than 150 million unique visitors every month, with hundreds of thousands of bloggers as well as big companies using it as a content management system. The company recently also acquired Tumblr from Verizon for a meagre $3 million.

The popularity of a platform dictates the number of developers investing their time in making supporting tools, apps and plugins, and the same is true for Wordpress — its immense popularity means there are thousands of themes and plugins, with new ones added every day.

This sea of themes could be confusing to many, especially those new to blogging and Wordpress. However, if you end up liking the layout of some other WordPress blog or website’s theme and wish to implement the same on yours, here is how you can identify what WordPress theme a site is using.

Note: Not every website uses a Wordpress theme, even the premium ones using Wordpress as a CMS don’t necessarily use a theme for Wordpress; they can also code their own either from the start or using a template.

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What Wordpress theme is that?

You can find which Wordpress theme a website is using by following the steps mentioned below. If you do not wish to do this yourself, you can also use a service that will identify the Wordpress theme used on a site for you. We’ve mentioned these at the end of the article.

What Wordpress theme is that? Identify the theme used by a websiteStep 1: Go to the website. On the homepage, right-click in an empty space (not on a post or image or any other element) and from the menu, select View page source.What Wordpress theme is that? Identify the theme used by a website Step 2: The next page will show the source code. Press CTRL+F and write themes. Go to the parts where the word theme is highlighted.

On a premium Wordpress blog, you’ll find the name of theme following the word themes. For, eg. In the screenshot above, the name of the theme is Tracks. You can see that the name appears after the word themes “http://…/themes/tracks/…”

What Wordpress theme is that? Identify the theme used by a website

Note the theme name TwentyNineteen

If the website is one a free plan of Wordpress, the name appears as shown in the screenshot below — “…”. The name of the theme is TwentyNineteen.You can now search for the theme either on Wordpress’ theme library or your preferred search engine. If you find a URL similar to the one shown in the premium Wordpress screenshot, then clicking on it will redirect you to a new page that will contain the name of the theme, its URL, and author — as shown in the screenshot below.What Wordpress theme is that? Identify the theme used by a website As mentioned above, it’s not necessary that every website is using a Wordpress theme, but if they are, this is how you can find its name, and since Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging websites globally, it’ll most likely support Wordpress blogs.

Services such as Wordpress Theme Detector, Scan WP and What Wordpress Theme is That can also be used to identify the theme that is being used on a website. These tools will not only detect the themes being used, but also some of the plugins.

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