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What to do if your WhatsApp camera is not working?

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Whatsapp stands out as one of the most popular choices worldwide. With its array of features, including voice calls, video calls, and multimedia sharing, Whatsapp keeps users connected across the globe. However, like any other app, it’s not immune to technical glitches. One common issue Whatsapp users face is that the camera is not working properly.

This article discusses the reasons why Whatsapp camera not working and eight methods to help you resolve the issue.

Below we have discussed:

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Why is the Whatsapp camera not working?

Below are a few common reasons why is Whatsapp camera not working:

  • Temporary glitches.
  • Whatsapp doesn’t have access to the camera.
  • The camera is already in use.
  • Low on storage.
  • Using an outdated version of the app.

How to fix the issue?

Here are eight methods to help you resolve the issue:

Restart your device

Technical glitches can often be resolved by restarting the app or your device. Close WhatsApp completely and reopen it. If the problem persists, restart your device as well.

Check Whatsapp camera permission

Like any other app, Whatsapp needs permission to use your phone’s camera. If you’ve mistakenly refused this permission, the WhatsApp camera won’t work. Here’s how to check Whatsapp permission:

  • Tap and hold the Whatsapp app icon and tap on the i icon at the top right corner of the menu that appeared.
  • Tap on the Permissions option.
  • Tap on Camera and select Allow only while using the app.

Close background apps

If another app is using your phone’s camera, Whatsapp might face difficulty accessing it. To check and fix this, close any apps using your camera from the list of recent apps. Then, try using the Whatsapp camera on your Android device to see if it works.

Clear Whatsapp cache

Clearing the cache can sometimes resolve issues related to temporary data or corrupted files within the app. Here’s how to do that:

  • Tap and hold the Whatsapp app icon and tap on the i icon at the top right corner of the menu that appeared.
  • Tap on the Storage & cache option.
  • Tap on the Clear cache button to clear the cache and then tap on the Clear storage button to clear the data.

Force stop Whatsapp

Force stopping WhatsApp can effectively resolve persistent issues with the app. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap and hold the Whatsapp app icon and tap on the i icon at the top right corner of the menu that appeared.
  • Tap on the Force stop button and then tap on the OK button to confirm your action.

Free up storage

Not having enough space on your device can slow down apps, like the camera on WhatsApp. To fix this, remove any files or apps you don’t need to make room, then try using the camera again.

Update Whatsapp

The problem with the WhatsApp camera might be caused by an older version of the app. If that’s the case, updating WhatsApp to the latest version should fix the problem. Go to the Google Play Store on your phone, update WhatsApp, and then check if the camera works properly.

Reinstall Whatsapp

If the previous methods don’t solve the issue, you can attempt reinstalling WhatsApp. This action will remove any potential app data causing the problem. Don’t forget to backup your chats before reinstalling.

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