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Whatsapp finally has a native Windows app

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Whatsapp on Windows will no longer require you to link your phone with the app to send, receive and sync messages. This refreshed, native Windows app for Whatsapp has been on the Microsoft Store for some time now and it’s not coming out of beta. 

The only two options to access Whatsapp on Windows so far have either been the Whatsapp Web or the Whatsapp web app (which is essentially the same thing as Whatsapp Web). Both these apps required users to sign in by scanning a QR code using Whatsapp on their phones in order to be able to access their messages. 

With this new native app, Whatsapp claims that the user experience will be much faster and more responsive. Not to mention the redesigned app has a far cleaner interface without looking very different from what it used to in the past. It also fits right in with the Windows 11 aesthetic.

The biggest change, however, remains the fact that you no longer need your phone to run Whatsapp on Windows. Users will also get notifications on their PC if Whatsapp is running regardless of whether or not their phone is online. 

The Windows Store page for Whatsapp’s new standalone desktop app.

Whatsapp has been working on supporting multiple platforms for quite some time now and the feature finally seems to be coming together. With the release of this desktop app, the feature is fully released and out of beta. You’ll now be able to link up to four devices with your Whatsapp account without needing your phone or compromising the app’s end-to-end encryption. 

That said, it does come with a few limitations. If you’re using an iPhone as your primary device, you can’t delete or clear chats. People using older Whatsapp versions can’t be messaged or called, live locations can’t be opened yet and messages with link previews are also not supported. 

Whatsapp claims that it’s working on a native app for macOS as well stating that the app is “currently in development”. macOS users can, however, sign up for the beta program for early access and to help out in testing. Until the app releases, Whatsapp Web and Desktop remain the only two options for Mac users. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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