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How to wrap text in Notepad++?

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When dealing with large text files, word wrap is one of the most handy features for avoiding scrolling horizontally. While the Notepad app in Windows does have this feature, it lacks many more that third-party editors like Notepad++ offer.

If you’re using Notepad++, enabling word wrap is a matter of a few clicks. Here’s how. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

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Enabling word wrap in Notepad++

There are two ways you can toggle word wrap in Notepad++:

  • Using the View menu.
  • Using the Word Wrap toggle button.

The simplest way to enable word wrap in Notepad++ is to click the word wrap hotkey. It’s located on the top icon bar, right below the Plugins option, as shown in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you can head over to the View menu and enable the Word wrap setting from the available menu. Both options work as toggles, meaning you can go back and click them again at any time to disable word wrapping in the editor.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t get any customisation options for word wrap in Notepad++. This means that once enabled, your text will be wrapped based on the width of the currently active Notepad++ window. So if you want your lines to wrap after a certain number of characters or anything of the sort, you’re going to have to adjust the entire width of the window accordingly.

Setting a word wrap hotkey in Notepad++

If you often toggle the feature, it’d be more convenient to assign a hotkey instead of repeatedly using your mouse to do so. Here’s how.

Step 1: Click the record macro button in the top icon bar as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: With the macro recording enabled, go to the View menu and click the Word wrap option. When you’re done, click the Stop Recording option.

Step 3: Click the Save current recorded macro button in the top icon bar.

Step 4: Create a key combination to activate the macro and click OK.

Whenever you want to toggle word wrap, you can use the shortcut we just created to run the macro and toggle the feature.

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