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Xbox unveils a new Series S and dual Series X models

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Xbox is set to expand its console lineup this holiday season with the introduction of three new devices: Series S in 1TB Robot White, Xbox Series X in 1TB Digital Edition in Robot While, and Xbox Series X in 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition, all of which feature enhanced storage capacities and sleek new designs.

These additions aim to offer gamers more options to enjoy high-speed performance and immersive gameplay experiences across various price points. Here are the three new devices.

  • Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White: Building on the success of last year’s Carbon Black model, this sleek and compact console by Microsoft offers double the storage with a 1TB SSD. It is priced at $349.99/€349.99 and features Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPS.
  • Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition: For digital-first players, this all-digital console in Robot White comes with a 1TB SSD and is priced at $449.99/€499.99. It supports up to 4K resolution and delivers stunning visuals and fast performance for popular franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Forza.
  • Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition: This special edition console by Microsoft, inspired by the mysteries of outer space, features a unique Galaxy Black design and a 2TB SSD for $599.99/€649.99. It comes with a matching Galaxy Black Xbox Wireless Controller, making it a standout addition for any serious gamer.

Xbox is also offering a range of accessories to complement the new consoles. Players can look to customised controllers from Xbox Design Lab, new controller designs for upcoming titles, and console wraps compatible with all Xbox Series X models.

The appearance of a white Xbox Series X suggests that Microsoft may have either cancelled or delayed the updated version of the Xbox Series X console mentioned in the FTC v. Microsoft documents last year, reports The Verge.

Details on market availability and regional pricing for the new consoles will be announced in the coming months, and pre-orders will open soon.

“Check back in the coming months to learn more about market availability and regional Estimated Retail Pricing (ERP) when we share pre-order details,” said Roanne Sones, Head of Xbox devices.

Console ModelFeaturesPrice (USD/Euro)
Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White1TB SSD, Quick Resume, fast load times, gameplay up to 120 FPS$349.99 / €349.99
Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital EditionAll-digital, 1TB SSD, supports up to 4K resolution$449.99 / €499.99
Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition2TB SSD, includes matching Galaxy Black Xbox Wireless Controller$599.99 / €649.99

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