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YouTube’s fact check feature, already available in India, expands to USA

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Youtube’s fact check label, which displays a panel with fact checks about a video that contains news and related information, has now been rolled out for users in USA.

The fact check panel was first launched in India and Brazil last year, and to curb the growing misinformation regarding the pandemic online, including Youtube, the platform has now launched the feature in the US market too, which has seen a surge in the number of reported cases over this month.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 and its spread around the world has reaffirmed how important it is for viewers to get accurate information during fast-moving events. That’s why we’re continuing to improve the news experience on Youtube. Today, we’re continuing this work by expanding our fact check information panels,” Youtube announced.

The fact check label also expands on another feature called information panels, that presents additional contextual information to viewers, especially on sensational topics or conspiracy theories, with links to Britannica Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, WHO, CDC, among others.YouTube's fact check feature, already available in India, expands to USA” Our fact check information panels provide fresh context in these situations by highlighting relevant, third-party fact-checked articles above search results for relevant queries so that our viewers can make their own informed decision about claims made in the news.”

Youtube says that the feature will be made available in more countries soon as they also work on the accuracy and integrity of their fact-check systems and partner with more publishers to ensure that the information panel as well as the fact check label help in a positive manner.

Currently, Youtube’s fact-checking takes help from third-party publishers following ClaimReview standards or those who’re verified by International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).  Google has also announced a $1 million support grant to IFCN to “bolster fact-checking and verification efforts” worldwide.

Currently, US publishers such as The Dispatch,, Politifact and The Washington Post Fact Checker are working with Youtube to keep a check on misinformation.

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