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How to check if Ziply Fiber is down? Quick Fix

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Internet connectivity is critical, especially considering the hybrid working lifestyle that most working professionals are now shifting towards. While there are more choices than ever when picking an ISP, they all have some issues from time to time.

In this article, we’re talking about how you can check if Ziply Fiber is down and what you can do to remedy the situation.

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How to check if Ziply Fiber is down?

Before you start working on diagnosing and troubleshooting the error, you need to check whether or not the problem is on your service provider’s end. If that’s the case, any troubleshooting steps you take won’t be effective as you’re cut off from the provider itself and most likely don’t have any issues on your end. 

The quickest way to check for an outage is to head over to Ziply’s Internet Outage and Connectivity page and enter the first 10 digits of your Ziply account number. After this, click the Check button and the site will tell you if your area is experiencing an outage. 

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How to fix Ziply Fiber connectivity issues?

If you’ve confirmed that you’re not experiencing an outage, there’s likely something wrong on your end. Try out the following seven fixes to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems you might be facing.

Restart the router

One of the first things you should do in these situations is restart your router. Restarting internet devices can fix seemingly random issues that cause connectivity problems, including this one. Just turn off your router (and modem) and wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on again. 

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Use the Ziply diagnostic tool

Ziply offers an online diagnostic tool that can automatically detect and resolve any errors with your connection. Visit their troubleshooting website using any other device that has internet connectivity and log in with your zippy credentials if prompted. Once logged in, you’ll be able to run a test to diagnose any internet connectivity problems and the tool will attempt to fix them at once. 

Check the WAN cable for damage

If your incoming WAN cable is damaged, your internet connection will be disturbed. Check to see if the cable (usually coax) is properly connected and that there is no physical damage to the cable. If you find some damage, reach out to Cox support to get their help repairing or fixing the line.

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Weak signals

Another possible cause of the issue is the presence of a weak WiFi signal on the router if you’re using it as a range extender or the presence of too many clients on one access point, which can overload the router. You can either reposition the router to have better signal strength or try disconnecting a few devices. 

Check for a firmware upgrade

Check to see if there are any new firmware upgrades or updates for your router, and if there are, install them right away before trying again. More often than not, router manufacturers will publish frequent updates for their devices that can fix any reoccurring glitches.

Factory reset the router

Most routers have a reset button at the back which will reset the router to its default settings. If you’ve misconfigured some settings on your router or have been impacted by a bug or virus, resetting your router can fix these issues. Do remember that you’ll have to reconfigure the router with the credentials given by your ISP. 

Reach out to Ziply support

If all else fails, your best bet to fix the issue is to reach out to Ziply’s customer care and get an in-field technician to come to help you with your issue. 

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