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What is a 80 percent keyboard? Benefits and top 5 picks

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Keyboards usually come in full size (100 percent), tenkeyless (TKL), and 60 percent compact. They are just common sizes, though; also available in 75 percent, 65 percent, and 40 percent. Compact keyboards don’t have num pads and therefore make work pretty straightforward for you.

This article will discuss 80 percent compact keyboards, their benefits, and the best ones you should consider getting.

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What is 80 percent Keyboard?

The 80 percent keyboard is also called the tenkeyless keyboard (TKL). They have the same function as a full-size keyboard but without the number pad. The function keys, arrows, number keys, and alphabets, among others, are still present.

The main aim of these keyboards is to allow users limited hand movement and wrist action. These keyboards are usually used by users who want a small keyboard with minimalistic functions.

Gamers prefer it as it reduces hand movement and allows them to focus. If you are fond of writing or have tons of office work, anything that requires a vast use of your keyboard, then you can consider getting this type of keyboard. They are appropriate for users who like to keep their desks clean and travel.

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4 benefits of 80 percent keyboards

80 percent of keyboards have multiple benefits, and they do not hinder your working capacity even in the slightest. Some benefits of using 80 percent keyboards are as follows:

Enormous space

A lot of space gets reclaimed once you get rid of your 100 percent keyboard. The saved desk space can be used and repurposed productively for other important materials. A less cluttered desk space also works to make a healthy and advanced mental space.


Tenkeyless keyboards are very light and easy to carry around. They fit into bags because of their size and can be used anywhere.


The best keyboard for gamers or writers, as you do not need to move your hands around. It helps gamers stay focused and use WASD keys alongwith the arrow keys for manoeuvrability.

The mouse also gets a lot of space to move around as gamers barely use the num pad. A tenkeyless keyboard helps writers to focus thoroughly by removing distractions and providing only useful keys.


With the num pad removed from the right side of the keyboard, it can be a little difficult to adjust to the compact keyboard initially. After a while, you will find that your wrist action gets reduced and more focused. No more weird angles for your wrists at minimal strain. Productivity and performance increase with a shorter distance from the mouse.

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Top five 80 percent keyboards

Currently, the top five 80 percent keyboards that you can look into are as follows:

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