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A fatal error occurred when running Fusee: Quick Fix

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Handheld game consoles have come a long way. These days, we have some really good handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch that pack a lot of power, not to mention the expansive game library.

However, modding these next generation of handheld consoles isn’t easy, and there are roadblocks at every step. In this article, we’re looking at the “a fatal error occurred when running Fusee” error and giving you four solutions for the problem.

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Check your SD card

First up, check your SD card to ensure it’s formatted in the correct file format. While different emulators support different formats, you’re generally safe to go with FAT32 or NFTS. Corrupt SD cards can also trigger this error, so test your SD card with another device after formatting it to ensure everything is in order. 

Update Atmosphere and Hekate

Next, make sure that Atmosphere and Hekate are updated with the latest stable builds to ensure they’re compatible with the latest Switch firmware. Make sure you update fusee.bin, and updated configuration files will be required if there’s a change in software versions. 

Also, ensure that all required files for the programs to function after the update are on your Switch’s storage drive (or memory card). The update often removes the configuration files required for the emulator to function. 

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Replace fusee files

In addition to replacing your configuration files, you can also try replacing the currently in use fusee-primary.bin file with fusee.bin and fusee-secondary.bin file with package. This should get the emulator configuration in order and resolve the error. 

Disable Auto RCM

Hekate has a feature called auto RCM that automatically boots your console into the default operating system should your modding operating system fail to boot. However, sometimes auto RCM can override the modded OS and go straight to the stock OS. Try disabling auto RCM in Hekate settings to see if that has any effect. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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