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How to fix the ‘About: invalid#zclosurez’ error?

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While the internet is great and works all the time flawlessly, being a tech thing, it does run into the occasional bugs and glitches from time to time. Especially when giants like Gmail and Youtube start facing errors, it can hamper people’s ability to get things done.

In this article, we’re talking about the “about:invalid#zClosurez” error on browsers which often comes up mainly for Mac and iOS users.

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What causes this error?

Several reasons can trigger the ‘About: invalid#zclosurez’ error. However, the most popular ones are as follows.

  • Glitches on the server end: The website or app you’re trying to use is facing some issues on the server side, this is the leading cause of the error.
  • Corrupt browser data: Corrupt browser data can cause all sorts of erros, including this one.

How to fix the problem?

Here are a few solutions using which you can try to fix the ‘About: invalid#zclosurez’ error.

Login to the website again

One of the first things you should try is to sign out of your account and try logging back in again. Once you’ve logged out, don’t forget to restart the browser before trying again.

Try another browser

Sometimes, the best solution is to try another browser altogether. In this case, if you’re facing issues with a browser, say Chrome, try switching to any other browser like Edge, Firefox or if you’re on an Apple device, Safari to see if that resolves your problem.

Close all tabs

Sometimes other tabs can conflict with a site’s loading. Try closing all possible tabs and reloading the site. It should load up just fine. You can also try visiting the site in incognito mode.

Clear captcha

If your problem is exclusive to Google services, try clearing the captcha by visiting this link or if you’re using Google Apps for a custom domain, follow this URL:

Make sure you replace the yourdomainname part with your actual domain name.

Check for updates

If the issue is in the browser itself, chances are developers might release an update to fix the problem. Regardless, you should always ensure you’ve got the latest version of the browser installed to avoid running into issues that could otherwise be avoided. 

Head over to chrome://settings/help and make sure you’re on the latest update. If you’re not, update immediately and try again. 

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Clear the browser data

Corrupt files in your cache or otherwise can cause this error as well. Clear them out to see if you can get your browser to work.

Step 1: Type in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

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Step 2: Select the cache and cookies options and ensure the Time range is set to All time. Click on the Clear now button to clear out all the data. 

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Now restart your browser and try again. The ‘About: invalid#zclosurez’ error should be fixed.

Reset your browser

Resetting your browser can fix all sorts of random bugs and glitches. 

Step 1: Head over to chrome://settings/reset. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

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Step 2: Chrome will show you a warning prompt. Click on Reset Settings, and your browser will reset to default settings. 

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This should fix the “about:invalid#zClosurez” error. 

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