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How to add alerts to OBS?

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Happiness is always best when shared with others. In case of us streamers, the joy of getting a subscriber or receiving another donation is best when shared with viewers. 

Showing these subscriber or donation alerts is also a nice way to incentivise people do to so because it makes their name pop up on the screen in a way you can’t really ignore. 

If you’re starting out as a streamer, adding these delicate touches to your stream can make all the difference in terms of audience retention. Streaming nowadays is a very competitive thing, and you need every little bit that makes you stand out.

So if you’re also wondering how to add said alerts to OBS and your stream, here is how.. 

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Adding alerts to OBS

It’s nothing too tricky. We’re going to follow the exact process as our article about adding the Twitch chat to OBS.

Step 1: Head over to the Streamlabs website. Log in with your Twitch account.

How to add alerts to OBS? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Click on the All Widgets in the left side panel

Step 3: Click on the Alert Box option. 

Step 4: Now like our chat overlay article, you’ll see a lot of options here to customise the way you want each of your alerts to look. There’s a general settings tab, and then there are specific settings for each type of alert.

You can dial down each individual animation, sound effect. text, font whatever it is that you like down to the exact way you want. 

Step 5: After you’ve done all your settings for the alert boxes, scroll up, and you’ll find a Widget URL. Copy this. You also get to select what all alerts you want in your stream here. 

Step 6: Fire up OBS and select the scene you want to add in the alert box.

Step 7: Under the Sources tab, click on the plus icon in the bottom left and select Browser. 

Step 8: A new window will open, asking you to create or select a source. We’re just going to create a new source called alerts. 

Step 9: Now, all we need to do is just copy the widget URL from the Streamlabs website into the URL field. You don’t need to change anything else here.

Step 10: All that’s left to be done is to move the alert box and resize it to any size you’d like. 

Step 11: And we’re done. Now every time something happens, you viewers will get a friendly little alert on the screen just the way you designed. 

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