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Adobe introduces six tools for Lightroom; two are AI-powered

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Adobe has unveiled six features for its Lightroom platform, including Generative Remove, Lens Blur, expanded tethering support for new cameras, including Sony’s latest models, HDR Optimisation, instant access to photo libraries in Lightroom apps on both mobile and desktop, and the new mobile toolbar, which prioritizes the most used features.

Out of these, Generative Remove and Lens Blur are powered by Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI system.

Generative Remove effectively eliminates unwanted objects from photos with just one click. Leveraging AI technology fills the gaps left behind, creating natural and lifelike results.

The tool is designed to be as user-friendly as cropping or applying a preset. It can also perform complex editing tasks, such as removing stains, wrinkles, or reflections, making it a useful tool for almost all photography projects.

The AI-powered Lens Blur feature is now widely available and allows users to apply sophisticated blue effects with minimal effort. The tool features new automatic presets to help photographers achieve professional-grade results with a simple click.

Source: Adobe

By introducing these new features, Adobe hopes to streamline workflows and elevate photo quality for both amateurs and experts. Both Generative Remove and Lens Blur are now available to Lightroom users. Generative Remove is offered as an early access feature across mobile, desktop, iPad, web, and Classic versions of Lightroom, while Lens Blur, with its enhanced preset functionality, is now generally available on the same platforms.

Adobe has also improved tethering support to include the latest Sony cameras, such as the Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V. This update allows real-time photo access in Lightroom Classic, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

“Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro photographer, everyone wants to be able to quickly and easily edit their photos on the go,” said Ashley Hill, senior VP and general manager of Creative Cloud at Adobe.

In April 2024, Adobe introduced five AI tools, including Reference Image, Text to Image with Generate Image, Generate Background, Generate Similar, and Enhance Detail in the Photoshop desktop beta app

In February 2024, Adobe Research announced Music GenAI Control, an experimental project to generate and edit AI music.

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