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Why is my Amazon order pending? How long will it take?

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Amazon is a company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising and digital streaming, it is expanding its reach worldwide covering each and every area and using the latest technologies and innovative methods to deliver its products.

Amazon works similarly for sellers as it works for the buyers on their platform, Amazon acts as the mediator between the buyers and sellers. Just like buyers, sellers also might face problems with orders and other things on Amazon.

In this article, we have discussed what pending order means on Amazon and various things that you need to know.

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What does Amazon order pending mean?

There are several reasons for a pending status on an Amazon order and they are explained below:

  • The pending status means Amazon has put the order on hold, Amazon basically puts every order on hold for about 30 minutes to protect the buyers and give them a chance to cancel the order.
  • Amazon is verifying the buyer’s credit card, during this period, Amazon will show the pending status of the order.
  • Buyer’s credit or debit cards or other payment methods were not authorised.
  • The buyers haven’t completed the order.
  • Items in the FBA order are out of stock.

How long does it take to process pending orders on Amazon?

Usually, Amazon holds the order for only 30 minutes, but if there is an issue with the buyer’s payment methods like an issue with a credit card then it will take up to 21 days.

Can Amazon digital products also get a pending status?

Yes, Amazon digital products also get a pending status on the orders, and this generally happens when there is a problem with the payment of the order.

Can the seller cancel a pending order?

No, the seller cannot cancel the pending order. Amazon has clearly mentioned in its rule that a seller can not cancel a pending order only the buyer can cancel the order. If you still want to cancel the order then the only way is to contact the buyer and convince them to cancel the order.

What can a seller do if the order stays in pending status?

The seller just has to wait till Amazon completes the verification process and updates the pending status of the order to unshipped. If the pending status of the order remains for a long time then the seller can contact Amazon customer support and ask for their assistance.

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