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Amazon Prime Video license error: Quick Fix

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Amazon Prime Video is one of the popular OTT (Over-the-top) platforms for streaming movies and TV shows. It has a wide range of original content and licensed material from other producers and channels. It gives its subscribers unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and original programs, including the award-winning Amazon Original Series. Amazon Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime membership, giving you free shipping on millions of items, unlimited access to Amazon Music, and more.

Prime members can watch Amazon Prime Video for free as part of their Amazon Prime subscription. Non-Prime members can also subscribe to Prime Video and enjoy the same benefits as Prime members. Amazon has also made Amazon Prime Video available on various devices and platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets and phones, Roku, web browsers, and more.

Here we go through six fixes for the Amazon Prime Video licence error.

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Server issues

The Prime licence error may occur due to server issues or internal bugs. You can check online downtime detectors to confirm if the issue is due to server issues and not a personal set-up issue. If the system is globally down, then wait for some time until the issue gets resolved automatically.

If the issue is not a personal system issue and not global, follow the other fixes below.


Any application or site running out of date software can cause errors. When encountering the Amazon Prime Video license error, you must first try updating the application and relaunching it to check if the error is resolved. If you’re using a web browser to stream, make sure that the browser is up-to-date.

Following is the guide to checking and updating Google Chrome to its latest version.

Step 1: Click on the hamburger option on the window’s top right, hover above the Help option, and select About Google Chrome from the options available under Help.

Amazon Prime Video license error: 6 Fixes

Step 2: As soon as you click on About Google Chrome, it opens a webpage and automatically starts searching and updating Chrome without any interaction required from your end.

Amazon Prime Video license error: 6 Fixes

Step 3: Once Chrome is done updating itself, it gives a small prompt to Relaunch Chrome. Click on Relaunch.

Amazon Prime Video license error: 6 Fixes

Chrome will automatically close all tabs and open windows and then relaunch and restore all the closed tabs and windows.

Amazon Prime Video license error: 6 Fixes

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Rebooting a device is a very common fix for most errors caused by device-related issues. Close all the tabs or the application itself based on the device, and then restart your device. Once the device has been rebooted, relaunch the website/application.

If streaming on or using any other device, try rebooting the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick or the smart TV. Exit the Prime video application and disconnect and reconnect to the internet. Relaunch the application.

Download and redownload

If there are issues with the downloaded videos, the simple fix is to remove the downloaded video and then redownload the video and check if the problem still exists.

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Clear cache

Corrupted cached data can also cause the Amazon Prime Video license error. Whether streaming on a web browser, a mobile application or the Amazon Fire Stick, if there is any error, then clear the cache and relaunch the application and check if the error is now solved.


Another common fix that solves the issue most times is the reinstallation of the application. First, uninstall the application currently installed. You may reboot your device if you wish to and then install the application again.

If none of the above fixes resolves the error, you will have to contact Amazon Prime Video Contact Support.

Please comment below if we’ve missed out on any fixes that resolved the Amazon Prime Video license error for you.

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